Miscarriage Leave by Husband for Wife Care

Leave message #1

I want to make you a formal request for ten days’ leave. I intend to take leave due to the bad health of my wife. She went through a miscarriage on [mention date] due to some complications in her pregnancy. She is passing through emotional and mental trauma and it will take her some time to cope with this. We all are hit by this news and I need to spend more time with my wife. She needs my support to pass through this crucial phase.

I humbly request you to approve my leave request as this is the high time my wife needs me. I will come back to the office on [mention date] and will cover up all the work loss. I am looking forward to her positive from you.

Leave message #2

Kindly accept this message as my three weeks’ leave from the office because of an unfortunate incident. My wife had conceived after four years and everything was running smoothly. On [mention date] she was busy doing normal household stuff that she slipped from a slippery floor. This turned out to be the big loss of our life. I rushed her to the hospital immediately but unfortunately, the baby could not survive. It was indeed sad news for both of us to digest and my wife is still in utmost shock.

To make her forget about the incident I need to be with her. Will you allow me to take leave from [mention date] to [mention date]? I am also not in a state of concentrating on office affairs. While I will be on leave, Joey will handle my pending tasks. I have briefed him on my project details and he will tackle it in a better way. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Leave message #3

I hope you have been enjoying good health. Please excuse me for asking for three weeks’ leave as my wife has recently gone through a miscarriage. We both are in severe depression due to this loss. She was in her second trimester and went for a regular medical checkup. On our way to the hospital, we came across a small accident and our baby could not survive. My wife is facing numerous health problems after this incident and I need to be with her during this hour. Her doctor has told her that she will not be able to conceive again if she remains in the same mental disorder. I am attaching her medical reports with the message. I request you to please consider my leave request. Thanking in anticipation.

Leave message #4

Dear Sir, I am David Geller working as assistant director in your organization. This message pens down a request for two weeks leave due to an immediate urgency. I have let you know that my wife is conceiving. I was very excited to be a father but things always do not go the way we plan.

On [mention date], my wife got slipped from the stairs and fell on her belly. I took her to a nearby clinic but it resulted in the loss of the baby. She is admitted to the hospital and will be discharged after a few days. There have arisen certain complications after she had a miscarriage.

This is the time she needs my full support and I do not want to leave her alone. I will try to cheer her up diverting her attention from the current incident. Therefore, I request you to entertain my leave request and give me an opportunity to thank you.

Leave message #5

Please accept this message as my formal leave request on account of my wife’s bad health. Recently, she has gone through a miscarriage and all this happened so suddenly that we are still in shock. We were very eager to welcome our new baby but it was all God’s plan and we are submissive to Him. My wife needs moral and emotional support to cope with this loss. It would be impossible for me to attend the office for ten days.

I want to spend this time taking care of my wife. Kindly have a look at her medical reports affixed with the message. I hope you will understand my situation and will cooperate with me. I will resume my duties o [mention date]. Thank you for your kind support.

Miscarriage Leave by Husband for Wife Care

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