Request Letter to Doctor for Medical Records

It is a basic right of every individual getting treatment in any hospital to get access to his/her medical record that the hospital holds. Therefore, when a person needs to get a copy of the medical record, the hospital has no right to refuse. However, the person requesting is required to pay the charges for the issuance of the record.

Why it is important to request a medical record?

There is no denying saying that any person who gets regular medical has to make sure that he has a medical record in his access. This is important because he might need to show this record at different places in different situations. Let’s talk about some of them:

  • While changing the doctor:

There are many situations when a patient has to switch to another healthcare provider. In this situation, he must possess a medical record that he can show to the next doctor. Usually, doctors take time in understanding the particular condition of the patient. To save this time, you can show them the medical record.

  • While getting a second opinion:

It is always recommended to everyone get a second opinion before they start a major surgical or non-surgical treatment. When you go to some other doctor for a second opinion, you must show your medical record there so that they can give the opinion after considering your medical needs.

  • While applying for a visa:

To apply for a visa, you are required to give your medical record especially when you want to move because you want to get medical treatment. In some cases, there is a restriction on granting a visa to people with certain medical conditions. In that situation, you will be required to show your medical record to prove that you don’t have that medical condition.

Sample letter:


To: (generally the hospital authority)

Subject: Request for medical records

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to formally request you to issue me medical records. I got medical treatment in your hospital in the cardiology department last month. Please issue the medical record including charts, my test reports, their results, consultation notes written by a doctor, and other recommendations. I want you to issue all other related documents that are important for other people to know about the medical care you need.

I know that the hospital will charge me the fee for issuing copies of the medical record it holds. I am ready to pay all these charges. However, it is a request to you to issue the medical records in time.

I would like to request you send me all the medical records details in my email at the address mentioned in this letter. However, I will also need a hard copy of these records. Owing to this, I have attached an envelope with this letter that mentions my address. I am ready to pay the charges for postage.


Your name:

Your address:

Your signature:

Request Letter to Doctor for Medical Records

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