Menstrual Pain Sick Leave Messages


Dear Sir, I am Rebecca Steward and writing to inform you about my leave from the office due to periods. You might not take it as general relief but I do not have a regular flow this time. I am having muscle cramps and stretches all over my body with dizziness sensations. It has made me nauseated and irritated. I am unable to perform any task deliberately due to my muscles dwindling. My immune system has become weak due to enormous blood flow and I immediately need to consult a doctor in this regard.

It would not be possible for me to attend office these days and I will also not remain available for online assistance. I believe you will understand the delicacy of the matter. Thank you for always being supportive of me.


I hope you find this message in good health. Please be informed that I intend to avail three days’ leave as I am not feeling well. I am on my monthly cycle and it is not easy for me as always. I am having a lot of pain in my abdominal era which has made it difficult for me to even walk. I consulted a doctor and he has devised me complete rest.

In this situation, I cannot come to the office as I have to move from one block to another to supervise projects. Kindly relieve me from the office for three days and I will be back to work on [mention date]. I will forever remain obliged to you for this.


I did not wake up to a normal morning today as I had periods after five months. This was not normal to me and I am having intense menstrual cramps. I was taking medication to maintain the normal period routine. Due to this, there is an increase in pain intensity and I am unable to focus on work properly.

You need not worry about unaccomplished work as I will submit it before the deadline after resuming office. Aliza has the know-how of my work and she can assist the customers well during my absence. I hope you will cooperate with me.


With this message, I want to let you know that I got my period on [mention date] and it’s not normal this time. I have a PCOS issue that causes a disturbance in normal blood flow. As a result, the intensity of pain is greater than before. It will get deviate my attention from work that will not benefit the company. I want to give my best and for this, I need mental relaxation for two days.

Once my periods will be over I will rejoin the office again with a healthy mood and more concentration. Kindly consider my request and allow me to leave for the above-mentioned reason. I will be grateful to you for granting me a favor.


I hope you find this message in a jovial mood. I am Monica Jew, giving my services as an accounts officer in your institute. Kindly be informed that I cannot attend today’s meeting due to menstrual cramps and muscle stretching. I have sent an email to Mr. George detailing the part I had to present today. I am having backache due to this which has made me unable to take even a few steps.

In this situation, I cannot remain available for any assistance. I got my monthly checkup yesterday and the doctor has suggested me complete rest. I am attaching the doctor’s report with the message. I hope you will take into account my request.


Respected Madam, I hope things are good on your side. I am writing this message to let you know of my bad health and need two days’ leave in this regard. Due to the monthly cycle, my muscles have become stiff. I can’t attend the office in this situation. I am taking remedies to reduce the pain and it is providing gentle relief. The current hype in cool breezes is making the pain unbearable to me.

Kindly exempt me from duties for two days considering my current health. For urgent work, you can contact me. I would be thankful to you for cooperating with me.

Menstrual Pain Sick Leave Messages

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