Medical Certificate Letters

#1 Medical Certificate Letter for Travel

Subject: Medical Certificate for International Travel
To whom it may concern:

I, Dr. [examiner name], after careful personal examination of Mr. [patient name], born on [mention date of birth], certify that Mr. [patient name] is deemed fit for international travel.

After evaluating the medical history as well as the medical examination records, it is determined that [patient’s name] is in good health. There is no sign of any acute infectious disease that could be a risk during international travel. Also, there are no indications of any contagious disease, serious medical condition, or any other medical concern that could pose a risk to travel.

However, it should be noted that the health status of an individual can change at any time, so it is advised that Mr. [patient name] continue taking health precautions before and during their travel. The mandatory health precautions include being updated on routine vaccinations, carrying medicines for the common cold and fever, and adhering to health and safety guidelines about [X] or any other health crisis that may be present at the time of travel.

I advise Mr. [patient name] to strictly follow the recommended guidelines for international travel safety to have a seamless travel experience.

If there are any further queries or the need for additional information regarding Mr. [patient name]’s medical record, please do not hesitate to contact my office at [contact information].


Dr. [name of examiner]

[Doctor Credentials]

Medical certificate letter

#2 Medical Certificate Letter to Resume Work


Subject: Medical Certificate: Patient Fit to Resume Work

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to notify you regarding the medical status of Mr. [patient name], born on [date of birth], and working at [department name]. Mr. [patient name] has been my patient since [mention date], who after several tests and examinations was deemed unfit to work, hence advised to take time off from work due to [mention medical condition].

Since [mention the start date of treatment], I have been Mr. [patient name]’s primary doctor and have been treating him for [mention the medical condition]. During this course of treatment, Mr. [patient name] has been very diligent with his medications and has made significant progress to the point where now I feel, medically, that he is both physically and mentally ready to return to fulfilling his duties at work.

Today was Mr. [patient name] last follow-up appointment with me for [mention medical condition], as he no longer exhibits any signs or symptoms of his medical condition that required him to take a leave from work. Performing his duties at work will no longer negatively impact his physical or mental health.

However, after such an extensive leave, a sudden full-time workload might be straining in the initial days. Thus, Mr. [patient name] should be provided with the necessary accommodations and modifications to establish a successful reintegration into the office. Although I don’t see the need for any additional information or consultation, should you feel the need to consult me regarding the smooth transition of Mr. [patient name] at work, I will be available during my working hours.

I would really appreciate you being cooperative with the medical team and showing genuine concern for your employee’s health and overall well-being. I trust that with such an understanding employer, Mr. [patient name] would have a smooth transition back into his workplace. I wish them the best of luck and am positive for their successful return to work.

Once again, if you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me at [mentioning contact information].


Doctors name

Medical License Number

#3 Medical Certificate Letter of Fitness



Certificate of Medical Fitness

I, Dr. [doctor name], hereby certify that I have personally examined Mr. or Mrs. [patient name] born on [mention date of birth] as the son/daughter of [father name]. He/she is fit both mentally and physically to perform his/her duties at work. I further certify that I arrived at this decision after carefully examining my previous medical history along with my personal medical examination.

Dr name

Dr credentials

Medical License Number

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