Hospital Pre-Authorization Form Template

A pre-authorization form, also known as the pre-approval form, is a tool that hospitals use to get permission from the insurance company as to whether to add several medications and medical tools to the treatment of a patient who might have been excluded from the coverage of the insurance company.

A healthcare provider needs to seek authorization from the insurance company before giving any type of treatment to the patient, as he knows that the treatment is covered by the insurance policy the patient has purchased.

What is a hospital pre-authorization form?

It is a tool that is used to send a question to the insurance company regarding the permission the hospital needs before initiating medical assistance for the patient. The use of this form makes it easy for the hospital to get permission for a cashless hospitalization of the patient. With this form, the management of the hospital doesn’t have to write authorization letters or emails. Consequently, a lot of the healthcare practitioner’s time is saved.

What is the purpose of using the pre-authorization form?

When the patient has informed the hospital that cashless treatment is needed, the hospital will immediately contact the insurance company to determine the components of the treatment that are covered by the insurance policy.

Although the hospital has the approval to start giving treatment to the subject, sometimes the medical facility chooses to ask for permission separately for some other components of the treatment, such as medication and diagnosis, because nothing can be added to the treatment without permission from those who are likely to provide the coverage.

How to fill out the medical pre-authorization form?

It is critical to fill out a form of any kind responsibly because if the form has not been filled out correctly, it might not be possible for the applicant to get the desired response. Here are the tips for the management of the hospital recording and filling out this form appropriately:

Fill out all the empty fields of the form

Every form contains numerous empty fields, and each field is a space that targets a particular type of information. This tool is also a communication channel between the hospital and the insurance company. Leaving things incomplete can create problems in the future. Therefore, the insurance company always advises people to fill out the form thoroughly without leaving any space in it empty.

Don’t use technical medical terms

This authorization form is filled out by doctors and experienced medical staff, and they might start a treatment for which they are seeking permission. There might be many technical aspects and names of the medical treatment that are not easy to comprehend by the staff of the insurance company. Therefore, medical terms that are way too complex should not be used.

The form should be signed by the patient

Since the form is being filled out by the administration of the hospital, they may not consider involving the patient in getting the authorization. However, it is extremely important to involve the patient, who is the policyholder. The form must be signed by the patient before being submitted.

Provide true information

There is no need to hide any information from the insurance company, as it might lead to strict action taken by the company in the future. For instance, some patients want their information about alcohol abuse to be hidden and request that the medical facility not disclose it. However, it is not the right strategy, and it should be avoided.

Attach all the required documents

The insurance company instructs the hospital to attach several documents to the form that prove that the patient is getting treatment there. Missing out on any important document can lead to the company’s refusing to give the authorization. This can put a halt to the medical treatment of the patient.

Submit the form at the right time

The hospital should plan everything ahead of time and try to seek permission for treatment a few days before the actual day of the patient’s admission. Therefore, knowing when to submit the form so that permission can be received on time is essential.

Hospital pre-authorization form template

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