Dental Treatment Consent Form

The practice of medicine and surgery is always governed by some rules and a code of conduct. Each and every doctor no matter which specialty he belongs to is bound to follow the code and practice according to the oath that he takes at the time he becomes a doctor.

Importance of consent in medical and surgical practice

One of the most important parts of this oath is taking consent from the patient every time you are going to touch him or her as a doctor. Whatever procedure a doctor is going to perform on a patient, he must mention all the details necessary for the patient and his attendants to make the right decision or stay informed in any case.

A doctor needs to inform about the patient’s diagnosis, condition, disease pattern, course, and prognosis. He must also tell what the treatment options are and if any treatment involves the procedure and handling of the patient, informed consent needs to be signed by the patient and his or her attendants.

What is a dental treatment consent form?

A dental procedure consent form is just the same thing as any other consent form used in medical practice. This treatment consent form is kept safe with the doctor or the hospital where this particular procedure was performed.

  1. A dental treatment consent form begins with the same details as any other consent form.
  2. One has to write the date on which this particular consent was supposed to be signed. It is also important that the date of procedure and or treatment is also mentioned in the consent form.
  3. In the next section of a consent form, the patient or an attendant on behalf of the patient consents that he knows what treatment or procedure is going to be performed. For example, the patient says in this section, I have been informed of the procedure being performed.
  4. The next section involves the diagnosis or reason for which a certain sort of treatment has to be given.
  5. If any changes in the treatment plan are made, they are mentioned in the next section. The patient has to sign each and every section of the consent form.
  6. If any drugs are to be administered, the patient signs this section of the consent form separately. He must consent to the drug which means all the drugs are explained to the patient including their indications, contraindications, and side effects.
  7. If the removal of teeth is planned, this section is separately explained and the exact location of the teeth has to be mentioned and properly signed by the patient.
  8. In case of any aesthetics or prosthesis involved in the treatment, they are also mentioned in the dental treatment consent form. Crowns, bridges, and braces are inserted for a number of reasons which need to be mentioned in the form.
  9. Root canals or other procedures are also mentioned in the consent form.
  10. An important part of the consent form is that the patient signs for each and every section of the form.
Dental Treatment Consent Form
Dental Treatment Consent Form

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