Letter from Therapist to School

Sometimes, therapists write letters to educational institutes when they see that people in academics also suffer from mental illness. These days, there is high competition in academics. Many students live under the pressure of acquiring good grades and outperforming others. Due to this, they go through intense emotional stress. Therapists write this letter because they want schools to know about their services.

It is a type of business letter in which a therapist generally lets the school know about the services he provides. The basic objective of this letter is to let everyone know about the importance of therapy in their life especially when they are trying to work through some grave life circumstances.

What parts should a therapist add to a letter?

Target the right part:

As a therapist, you should know that you are targeting a school and try to target the pain points of the school. For instance, you can discuss how helpful you are for the married couple in your letter because this will make no sense to students at the school. Discuss what is relevant and useful for the school

Discuss the concerns of the school:

Now, here you can discuss some concerns of everyone related to academia. This will let the reader know that you know much about the school and therefore, you have the potential to resolve their problems.

Tell me what you want:

Here, ask the school to buy your services of therapy if it cares about the mental health of the students.

Here are two sample letters that can help a therapist get started from scratch…


Subject: Get the Therapy Services for School Students for [XYZ]

My name is (mention your name) and I am available for the position of school therapist. I have done a master’s in psychology and years of practice in this field has made me more proficient. I have extensive experience working as a School Counselor for 10 years.

My aim as a therapist is to develop a supportive and educational environment that is much needed by school students. Studying in such an environment enables students to reach their full potential and show better performance. I am confident that I can provide such guidance to my students that will help them not just in school but also in every walk of life.

Throughout my career, I have always provided counseling services to students in grades 6 to 10. I have helped them develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have also tried to help those students who were going through any sort of trauma.

I am so thankful to you for giving your time and considering me for the vacant post of therapist in the school. I am looking forward to getting another opportunity to serve the students at your school.

Another sample…

Subject: Therapy Services for School Students during [XYZ] for [ABC]

I am (mention your name), with extensive experience in providing therapy services to school students. My key services include:

  1. Providing better counseling services to students with disabilities or special needs.
  2. Conducting therapy sessions for students of every age so that they can deal with their mental and emotional health themselves instead of seeking any therapist.
  3. Contributes to increasing the school’s admission rate by 10% due to the counseling services that most parents are looking for.
  4. Providing counseling in times of crisis so that they can be stress-free during their studies.

According to me, students need to become mentally stable so that they can deal with their internal conflicts, and conflicts with their peers and strengthen their relationships with those who matter the most.

I, as a therapist, always strive to bring a positive change to the lives of students. I believe that my therapy will make students at your school come at peace with themselves and focus on their studies with more diligence.

If you want to know more, you can feel free to contact me.

Letter from Therapist to School

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