Yearly Physical Examination Form

Physical fitness is something which is required to carry out all the routine and special work on a daily basis. From basic studies to higher studies, and from a regular construction worker to an army officer, every individual needs to be physically fit and meet the criteria of physical fitness set by the employers. Even people working in offices from nine to five needs to be physically fit so that they can perform their jobs well.

Know about yearly physical examination?

Some people think that a yearly physical examination is meant to reassure that they are actually as healthy as they generally feel about themselves. While other people think of it as a cautious approach that measures their health issues before it gets serious. It is debatable that what should be on a yearly examination and what can be expected from yearly physical examination.

Yearly physical examination forms

Yearly physical examination forms are the documents that are filled while a physician conducts the examination. These forms are kept safe in the profile or employee’s file as a record and are mostly used as references for the next yearly examination.

The concept of using a yearly physical exam form:

Yearly physical examination form is used by the doctors for the patients who visit for a yearly physical exam. Doctors generally use this examination form to record a different note from the yearly physical exam.

This record includes some medications, vital statistics, disease prevention, risk factors, health maintenance, and examination and recommendations notes for the concerned patient. These vital signs or statistics include blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature of the patient.

Benefits of using yearly physical exam form:

Through yearly physical examination form, you can mention your different concerns about your feeling about health. And then your doctor will question you about different things about your lifestyle behaviors including smoking, sexual health, diet, excessive use of alcohol and exercise, etc.

The doctor will also inquire about your vaccination status and will update the medical history of you and your family.

The yearly physical exam is thought to be an essential part of life for many people. Although there are no special things to consider in yearly exam but a good doctor will be thorough in his or her approach and will spend a lot of time in listening to your concerns and will provide proper counseling according to your concerns and will mention all the necessary details in the yearly physical exam form for future visits.

Details of the form

  1. Yearly physical examination forms always begin with the identity of the employee. This includes name, age, sex, date of birth, employee number.
  2. Height, weight, and built of the person to be examined is mostly mentioned in the first section of the forms.
  3. In the next section of the form, the doctor usually takes a brief history of his past medical illnesses. History of surgeries in the past is also written along with the history of allergies, blood transfusion. Most important is the history of medication for some chronic illness or mental illness.
  4. General physical examination including his vitals, physical parameters, and systemic examination is held and all the findings are written in the form.
  5. Some baseline lab investigations are also sometimes suggested by the doctor which include blood group, complete blood picture, and hepatitis screening.
  6. At the end of the form, the physician writes down his comments and remarks about whether the person is physically fit or not.

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Yearly Physical Examination Form


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Yearly Physical Examination Form


Physical examination to assess the physical fitness for employees

Now, the question arises, how is this physical fitness measured and assessed?

A physical examination is held on a regular basis which assesses the physical, mental and psychological abilities of the employee or a student. These physical examinations are conducted by the employing companies and organizations on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis and help in assessing the overall capabilities of the person as an employee. In most situations, these examinations are conducted on a yearly basis.

Who takes yearly physical examination?

A physician, who is again hired by the company is responsible for taking the yearly physical examinations of all the employers of the company and issues a certificate of fitness to the physically fit workers. If some worker is found to have some illness which can hinder the performance or interests of the company, the doctor must be issuing a certificate to such a worker as well.

Employers are also informed about such a situation and the rest of the decision about the fate of worker is in the hands of the company. Some illnesses are minor and workers recover after some rest or management. But there are certain conditions which may affect the future of the worker in the employing company.

Same rule applies everywhere whether it is a school, college, or any other company or institution.

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