Fake Doctor Leave Letter with Signatures

We often need leave from work or college/school based on our sickness. Sometimes we are not sick and we need to use the excuse of sickness. These days, employers don’t believe their employees, and therefore, when they tell them that they are sick they are asked to provide proof. Whether you are sick or you need to make an excuse for sickness, you will need a doctor’s leave letter.

It is a formal letter written by a doctor in which the doctor tells that the subject of the letter is not physically fit to attend the school or office. Due to this, he should be allowed to take a leave and get bed rest. The leave letter from a doctor is generally considered a verification of a person’s statement about his health. Therefore, this letter is given a lot of importance.

Why write a fake leave letter?

Sometimes, the doctor is not available for writing the leave letter or you are faking your illness. In this situation, you will need a fake leave letter. You will write this letter on behalf of the doctor who will verify that you are sick and therefore, you should be allowed to take a break from attending work or school.

If you need a letter that looks like an original leave letter, you can rely on the template or you can also write your note on behalf of a doctor. Make sure that you don’t use this letter for official purposes.

See the letter format… 

To Whom It May Concern

Subject: Sick leave excuse for [XYZ]

I, Dr. Adams, am writing this letter to confirm that my patient is suffering from a serious viral infection due to which he is having a very high fever and sore throat. Mr. ABC is your employee and came to me yesterday. He was feeling slightly under the weather and wanted me to prescribe him medication. According to me, Mr. ABC needs to take rest for at least two days because he will not be able to go back on the road to recovery until he takes proper rest.

It is my request to you to allow my patient to go on sick leave for two days. Furthermore, I came to know that he works as a coordinator in the school due to which he has to interact with lots of people in a single day. Since he has a viral infection, he can easily transfer his disease to other people including his co-workers. I think that he should stay at home and take care of himself.

I am providing the record of his health through the medical reports and general tests that were carried out yesterday. 

In addition, you can contact me anytime between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm to know more about your employee’s condition.

2nd format…

Subject: Urgent sick leave excuse for Mr./Ms. [XYZ] on [ABC]

The purpose of writing this letter is to confirm that your employee, Mr. Adams, has been feeling sick for the last 10 days. He came to me 10 days back and I told him that he was suffering from severe backache for many days and he needed to take proper rest in addition to the medication I prescribed to him.

After a few days, he consulted me again and now I am writing the sick leave letter to you so that you can understand his condition. I am attaching his medical report results with this reader as proof.

It is my humble request to you to please allow my patient to go on sick leave as he has told me that he is unable to sit for a prolonged period in the workplace due to which his productivity is affected badly. If you want to know more about Mr. Adams, feel free to contact me during my office time. I would be very happy to assist you.

Fake Doctor Leave Letter with Signatures

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