Restylane Consent Form

Aesthetics has taken this entire world by storm. There are so many options available for people from all around the world to get some changes here and there on their skin to achieve the standards of beauty that have always fascinated their minds. Restylane is one such name and among the most reliable options for cosmetology and aesthetics.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a trading name of the injectable fillers. Q-med is responsible for the manufacturing of the Restylane injectable fillers. These fillers are formed form the non-animal resources and are known with the name of Hyaluronic acid or HA.

Another interesting thing to known about the Restylane is that it is the first-ever trade name in the United States which got approval from America’s FDA. This was the first-ever kind of treatment which involved sub-dermal facial injections for aesthetic purpose.


What are the uses of Restylane?

Lip plumping is by far the most common trend in the beauty industry and Restylane is mainly used for the lip fillers. It gives a beautiful volume to the lips and allows good contouring to the face that too according to the patient’s wishes.

Restylane, when used as fillers, has the ability to reduce the wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, and for the very reason, it can be used as the anti-aging treatment option. Restylane has got immense popularity over the past couple of decades and proves to be the most liked and opted treatment for anti-aging.  Aging lines around the eyes and angle of the mouth are magically removed by the use of this Restylane. Some people who think they are too lean and their cheeks need a little enhancement; Restylane is a good option for such people too.

Are there any side effects of Restylane?

We are all aware of the fact that everything comes with its pros and cons. The same is true for Restylane use. Some of the side effects are quite obvious. A little bruising on and around the area of Restylane fillers is a common observation. Another side effect of the Restylane is swelling and redness. Some people have mentioned the feeling of numbness or alteration sensations for a couple of days. Granulomas or we may call them as lumps are also formed but these are seen quite rarely. Foreign body reactions are also seen in some cases of Restylane fillers. These side effects have been known to be relieved by the use of hyaluronidase.

Restylane consent form

For all the reasons in the forms of side effects and possible consequences, Restylane fillers need proper consent by the patient. This form includes information about the patient and the past history regarding any allergy, pregnancy or skin disease is mentioned as a must.

We want to know the past history regarding the skin and its diseases because the Restylane fillers are not preferably administered if the patient is suffering from active skin disease or had been into any such situation.

Restylane Consent Form Template
Restylane Consent Form Template

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