Pregnancy Bed Rest Letter from Doctor

Re. Bed Rest Recommendation During Pregnancy (Third Trimester)

Dear [Patient’s Name], this is recommended to you take complete bed rest during the delivery of the baby. Due to certain complications in your third trimester, it is advised by the doctor to avoid excessive work and walk and stay relaxed while taking complete bed rest. 

This bed rest is recommended after the complete examination of basic screening tests of both mother and the unborn child. The unpredicted strain on the unborn child due to recurrent changes in the blood pressure of the patient can cause unpleasant complications. To keep the blood pressure normal, it is important to have plenty of rest and avoid any kind of physical or mental stress.

It is hereby recommended after accessing her complete medical examination. Being under my supervision and gyne-medical consultation, it is my prime duty to recommend what is best for both the mother and the child. The bed rest does not mean limiting yourself to the bed, instead, the patient is advised to undertake stretches, light yoga, and light exercise. It will help the patient keep the body temperature, blood pressure, and other implied conditions moderate.

The rest will then provide the following benefits for the health of the mother and the unborn child:

  1. It will help the mother to keep her stress level low and then, it will help the patient in keeping blood pressure at normal levels.
  2. It will increase the fetus’s growth and thus, there will be no chance/s of having a complicated delivery.
  3. The rest will accommodate the fetus in a shape that will help it complete the shaping process and avoid premature delivery.

Looking at all these benefits of having a rest, I recommend my patient to observe complete bed rest. In case of any emergency or pain, you can visit your nearest medical help center. Your next appointment has been scheduled on [mention the date] at [mention the time], please be on time and bring your complete medical file with previous tests and prescriptions with you. Thank you


[Doctor’s Name]
[Clinic’s Name]
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Pregnancy Bed Rest Letter from Doctor

Re. Pregnancy Bed Rest Recommendation for [Patient’s Name]

Dear [Name],

I am [Doctor’s Name] from the [Clinic/hospital’s Name], a practicing Gynaecologist in the [Area]. [Patient’s Name] has been under my prime care since she got pregnant. It is confirmed that she is [number of weeks] pregnant and requires complete bed rest due to potential risks and complications involved in her pregnancy.

She will stay under my care and direct supervision during this time. I recommend she observe complete bed rest for [duration of the bed rest]. During this time, she will take good care of herself, her body, her diet, and other factors that can implicitly affect her health. I have confirmed the need for bed rest through all the required check-ups and testing samples. It has been confirmed through initial testing that her uterus is weak and would be unable to carry the fetus if she does not observe bed rest.

It is to remember that bed rest does not allow the patient to walk for more than 5 meters at a time or to use stairs and take shorter steps. The careful analysis of her condition involves the indication of the complications that might cause the premature birth of the baby, complications to the baby or mother, or other medical issues. Looking at the current potential risks, I recommend the patient have complete bed rest.

She needs great care in her diet, walks, and rest. In case of any problem, you can consult me at any time by sending a message on WhatsApp at [mention the number] or calling in case of emergency at [mention the number]. The prescribed rest should be observed till further check-up which is scheduled on [mention the date] on [mention the time]. Don’t be late and use a medical conveyance service to commute to the hospital.



[Doctor’s Name]
[Clinic’s Name]

Pregnancy Bed Rest Letter from Doctor

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