Fake Miscarriage Doctor Note

Note 1

This letter has been written for my patient, Ross Joey, who visits me regularly for her checkup. She was 25 weeks pregnant, but her baby had not shown sufficient growth. She had a little surgery on [mention date]. Currently, she has been dealing with many other health issues as well. She can’t attend work, and I have prescribed her two weeks of medical leave. The proof of miscarriage is affixed to the letter. For any information, you can call me during hospital hours.

Note 2

This message serves to request permission for a month’s leave for Monica David, who is working as a sales manager in your organization. I am her physician and am writing this to inform you that she has lost her unborn child.

She was in her second trimester, and her pregnancy was going smoothly.

On [mention date], she fell from the stairs on her belly which resulted in a lot of blood loss. She was brought to our clinic but it was very late. We could not save her baby. She is not in a condition now to perform physical activity and take work pressure. She needs complete rest and I request you to please allow her a month’s leave. Her medical reports are attached to the letter. You are welcome to ask any questions regarding her.

Note 3

I am David Geller, working as an assistant physician at ABC Hospital. I am writing this letter on behalf of my patient, Fiona Steven, who unfortunately had a miscarriage recently. She visited me on [mention date] for her regular checkup, but I found certain complications in her pregnancy.

The baby had started growing immature limbs, so we immediately operated on her. It could be very harmful to her life if we had to do it even for a day. My patient needs the utmost care to come out of this loss. Therefore, I have suggested three weeks’ leave. Kindly exempt her from duties for this period. You can contact me between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. for any query.

Note 4

I hope you are doing well. This message serves as a spokesperson for Jerry Mocks, who is a regular employee in your organization. Please be informed that she was conceiving when the unforeseen incident occurred that led to her miscarriage. It was her first pregnancy, and there have been many complications in her body.

She is currently not stable, and it will take her some time to make sense. I, as a doctor, tried my best to save the baby, but I could not. I am suggesting three weeks of complete bed rest, so please sanction her leave request. Thank you for giving thorough consideration to my request.

Note 5

Please relax my patient, Jennifer Steward, for a month, as she lost her baby on [mention date]. Her pregnancy was not going smoothly, and this was the main reason for her miscarriage. She had surgery yesterday, and currently, she is unable to move due to blood deficiency. She has not been declared fit to perform any official task for one month. I have called her for a follow-up on [mention date], and after seeing her health, I can make a final statement. Please have a look at her reports, which are attached as proof. I will update you on her health when she visits me again. Thank you.

Note 6

I am Stephan Mackie, a gynecologist at ABC Hospital, and I am penning down this note for my patient Rebecca Neil. She is a media manager in your company, and I request that you please grant her three weeks’ leave. She visited me weekly for her treatment. She had conceived after ten years of marriage and was in the second trimester. I had forbidden her to perform any activity, but despite this, she did not ask for leave from you.

Last week she visited me, and I did her proper checkup and came to know that the baby’s movement had stopped. We took her immediately to an emergency room and saved her life. I am not allowing her to visit the office for three weeks. For queries regarding her recent health updates, you can contact me through email. I hope you will understand the situation and allow her to leave. Thanking in anticipation.

Fake miscarriage doctor note sample

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