Allergy Trigger and Symptom Table

Allergies and Symptom Tables

A symptom is any personal proof of disease, while a sign is any impartial scene of disease. Therefore, a symptom is a phenomenon that is experienced by the person who is suffering from it is detecting a disease while a sign is something that other people notify to check for a disease like pain, burning and anxiety are counted as symptoms while a runny nose or bleeding wound is a sign observe by other persons.

The diagnosis, symptoms and signs are inter related because your physician will analyze the potential sign and symptoms to determine the pathology or in other terms to diagnose the disease. Some symptoms will lead to direct diagnosis of a particular disease but in general a patient come up with several symptoms which could be assigns for many predicted pathologies, these types of symptoms lead to differential diagnosis and your physician will order certain pathological screenings or test to concise the information that will ultimately lead to a particular disease.

To inquire the patient about the condition the doctors kept checklists for symptoms in their clinic or. This checklist is a part of patient’s medical history. The physician might further ask for certain symptoms if he want to reach a conclusion.


There are different symptoms with different diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. even different categories of age group like geriatrics or pediatrics have their exclusive symptoms check list for their particular pathologies, a psychological clinic have a checklist based on the mental fitness.

An on-line free checklist as template which can be customized according to the relevant disease can be downloaded and print to present in front of the patient or doctor to mark a tick on the obvious symptoms.

Allergy Trigger and Symptom Table

Allergy Trigger and Symptom Table Template
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