SPA Intake Form

A spa is a place where a person gets personalized care and skin treatment. By definition, we can say that a spa is a place where spring water rich in minerals is used for luxury baths of medicinal value. There are spas and spas resorts that are known for a number of such medicinal treatments. Such treatments are not limited to baths. They also involve other health treatment ways like massage.

Spa treatments are a dream of every person. It is still considered a luxury that not everyone can afford. Initially, spas were famous in Europe and Japan only. But now, almost all parts of the world are full of such spas and resorts.

Spa treatment is also sometimes known as a cosmetic treatment. Although it is not a medical treatment it does help in the management and relief of local symptoms and body aches. There are many types of treatments offered in any spa which help in relaxation and pain relief. There is aromatherapy, soaked bathing, Ayurveda, and hot spring.

Apart from that, an artificial waterfall, feet bath, hot tub, mud bath, sauna, and steam baths are also included in the spa treatment. Massages, hair care, nail care, electrolysis, and waxing are also included in the spa services and can be availed based on personal preferences.

Spa Treatment intake form

Spa treatment even if non-medical treatment for the body and mind requires a lot of methodology and procedures. This demands the proper intake of the client and an intake form is filled out before a client is taken on board.

Now that spa treatment is a trend that has taken the form of a proper profession, all the spas have this prerequisite of the intake form. This is beneficial for both the clients and the spa because it provides a lot of information about the client and their preferences.

For the client, the same turns out to be a benefit because they get the treatment of their choice and save themselves from the hassles and confusion in the end.

What information is included in the spa intake form?

A spa intake form is filled with basic information about the name of the client and their age, sex, and contact details. Also, it includes information about the preferences and choices of the client.

Some spas have the same intake form where a couple of options and available treatments are mentioned for the client to choose from. Some Spas, on the other hand, have separate intake forms for each type of treatment. You can ask for the treatment you want. For example, if you want a massage from the spa, you will need a massage intake form, and so on.

If you are opting for the massage, they will want you to fill in the information about your sensation details, pain, and its degree, and any other medical or physical condition related to joints and muscles. This will help the spa formulate the best massage/spa treatment which really helps you with relaxation and pain management.

SPA Intake Form Template
SPA Intake Form Template

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