Apology Message to Doctor for Various Reasons

Heated debate…

Please consider this message as an apology for the heated debate I indulged myself in with you last week. I am conscious-stricken over the harsh attitude and abusive language I used. I should not have reacted in an inappropriate way. I have my own views related to medical problems and I am still sticking to my opinions. I was right at my place but my way of talking to you was not good which disappointed you a lot.

With this message, I want to put an end to this dispute and I want to find a way to settle the problem. Please let me know when you will be available as I want to clear things up. I assure you that this time I will behave politely and in a courteous manner. Bundle of thanks to you for considering my apology. I am anticipating talking to you on this matter.

For missing an appointment…

I hope you find this message in jubilation. I am Matthew Stewart and writing this message seeking an apology from you for missing the appointment I had with you yesterday. I got up today’s morning with a message from the travel agency that my tickets for New York have been reserved for tomorrow.


I had an appointment with you at 3:00 PM and I have to leave for New York at 1:00 PM. I know it is very unethical to inform you at the eleventh hour but I was so much indulged in the work schedule that I forgot to bring it to your notice. Please let me know when I can have my next appointment with you as I will be back after seven days.

For not being on time…

With due respect, it is stated that I had an appointment with you on [mention date]. My patient ID is 09XY88 and I apologize in advance for not being on time on appointment day. The reason for this was that I had an important meeting in the office and I could not miss it. Before taking the appointment I had forgotten that my meeting timings are collapsing with the appointment. I know this caused inconvenience to you and I am really ashamed of this.

Missing scheduled appointment…

Hope you have been doing great. I am writing this message to beg pardon from you for not checking up on appointment day. I know this attitude was totally unprofessional and I could not let you know at right time. I was not intended to do all this intentionally. Before leaving for the clinic I got a call of my son’s badly injured in a road accident.

I am a dutiful person who always remains sticks to rules, but all this happened so suddenly that I forgot to inform you. My son is in a better condition now and I request you to please give me an appointment this week. I am thankful to you for understanding my state of affairs. I again apologize for missing the appointment.


To begin with, I am beholden to you for the appointment of my stomach ulcer. I had a scheduled appointment with you on [mention date]. I am remorseful to let you know that I had to miss the appointment because of unlooked-for problems. Unfortunately, on the appointment day, my younger sister informed me of my father’s sudden illness and I had to take him to the hospital. In a hurry, I  moved to Manchester and made certain of his possible treatment. My mind was struck at that time that I could not remember to inform you beforehand. Therefore, I am sending you this apology note and request you to please rearrange the appointment.


I am full of regret for not flying back to you timely. Bearing in mind my sudden misfortune and recapitulate my ineffectiveness to gentlemanly retort in writing the message. I had no intention of missing the appointment as you had instructed me clearly to come up for a follow-up must. I was stuck badly in road traffic that I could not manage to reach time. I know well that you are a busy bee and one has to wait for a whole month to have an appointment with you. I am hopeful that you will consider my situation. I am extremely apologetic once again.

Apology message to doctor for missed appointment

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