Hearing Disability Letter from Doctor

A Medical practitioner writes are support letter for a patient with a disability. If a patient has any kind of hearing disability, this letter will prove his disability.

People with different disabilities are given different benefits. However, they are required to prove that they are disabled and not pretending. The objective of the doctor behind writing this letter is to enable the patient to enjoy all those benefits which are for people with dysfunctional physical features.

The doctor is asked to write this letter because he understands the medical condition of the patient in a better way. He should include the following components in the letter:

The medical condition of the patient:

There is a name for every medical condition. The patient with dysfunctional hearing will receive a letter in which his hearing loss or absence of a sense of hearing is explained by the doctor.

Medical evidence:

The doctor can provide medical evidence based on test and investigation results. This evidence can be tested by some other doctors also at a later stage.

Doctor’s opinion:

Every doctor holds an opinion about the particular condition of the patient he is writing about. This opinion should be shared in this letter for a better understanding of the reader.

The doctor’s details:

In this letter, the doctor should provide his details including name, clinic name, address, phone number, clinic timings, etc. so that he can be contacted in case there is a need to know anything about the patient.

Given are sample letters written by doctors to those patients who have a hearing disability and want to reap benefits that are for disabled people:


To Whom It May Concern

This is to inform you that my patient Mr. ABC has a complete hearing disability. We have evaluated his extent of hearing impairment as per the guidelines of the medical board.  Please find the complete description of the results obtained after the detailed medical evaluation of Mr. ABC.

Type of disabilityHear impairment
Affected body partEars

The condition of the hearing impairment that has been explained above is permanent as it was by-birth hearing dysfunction. As per my observation, there is no need to conduct a reassessment of the hearing impairment of Mr. ABC.

Should you need to know more about the results, you can contact us during our clinic timings from 10 am to 5 pm.

This letter is not being issued for any legal matters. Furthermore, the results have not been impacted by anyone or anything. I, as an ENT specialist, am totally satisfied with the results since the patient also shows all the symptoms of Presbycusis. The test results and reports are attached with this letter as evidence of our findings.


To Whom It May Concern

I am Dr. ABC from The City Hospital. I work in the ENT department as an ENT specialist. Mr. Robert is my patient who consulted me for his hearing problem. As per the guidelines, we have carried out a thorough examination of Mr. Robert. According to reports, Mr. Robert has a problem of permanent hearing impairment. We have come up with the following diagnosis:

Diagnosis: BLProfound hearing impairment with delayed speech

According to my examination, he does not need further tests or consultations to confirm his hearing impairment. Mr. Robert has provided the following documents as proof of his identity:

  1. ID card
  2. Residential address

It is to certify that the findings of the examination are truly unbiased and we have not let our findings be affected by anyone. Our team of doctors and experts is available to assist you in case you want to know anything more about our findings

This letter is not being issued for any legal matters. The test results and reports are attached with this letter as evidence of our findings.

Hearing disability letter from doctor

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