Menstrual Cramps Excuse Work Note


Please be informed that I am on my monthly period and have had a nauseated feeling since yesterday. Because of menstrual cramps and uncontrolled bleeding, I cannot make it attend college today. There have been ten leaves left in my annual leaves, therefore, I am asking for two days’ leave. It would be very kind of you if you consider my situation and allow me two days’ leave. For any query and urgent work, I can remain available via email.


This message is to seek your permission for three days’ leave due to menstrual cramps. You may take it as a general cover-up but I am enduring a severe period’s agony this time. With this miserable condition, it will not be possible for me to take classes. I am suffering from muscle spasms and stress. I have completed the presentation I was supposed to present tomorrow and I am emailing it to you. I will remain in touch with Rebecca, my classmate, to send me classwork on daily basis. I hope my situation would be understandable to you.


Please take this message as my two days’ leave from the office as I am having periods and due to hormonal imbalance I have to consult my physician. I always go through muscular contractions whenever I am on periods and I am becoming weak gradually. With this ailing situation, I cannot concentrate fully on the work and need to relax mentally and physically. I assure you that after two days’ leave I will be back to work with more energy and freshness.


This is to bring to your notice that I am having high temperature and body aches due to the monthly cycle. Tomorrow, we have the meeting on construction projects but I cannot attend it. I have shared the presentation slides with Jones and he will present them in tomorrow’s meeting. It is my formal request to you to grant me favor in this regard. Thanking in anticipation.


With due respect, it is stated that I have not been feeling well and have menstrual cramps. It has made me irritated and I am unable to do any work. For a girl, it is a very crucial phase of life as we go through a lot of mood swings. I have taken painkiller to reduce the pain but it has not relieved me. I had taken an appointment with the doctor and she has asked me to rest completely and not to stress about work. Therefore, I request you to allow me three days’ leave.


Hope everything is going well around the corner but things are not good on my side. I am having muscle stiffness due to periods and in such a situation I cannot attend the office for two days. I am using a gel pad to lessen the pain but due to the extreme cold, the intensity of the pain is increasing. It is penetrating deeply into my body’s muscles and amidst this situation, I request you to please sanction two days’ leave. Hence I would be able to find some time for relaxing.


This is my formal leave request message due to bad health. These days I am on menstruation and both the menstruation cramps and my foot’s injury have made the suffering unendurable. I have become so much more sensitive and I cannot concentrate on my work properly. It would be so kind of you if you allow me three days’ regular leave. I had accomplished my tasks for the current week and some editing needs to be done. I assure you to look at all the things minutely once I will be back to work. Hope you will understand my situation well.


Please take this note as my three days’ leave from the university on account of menstruation. I cannot attend classes as I will not be able to execute my duties adequately due to intense pain. I will remain in touch with Halley to update me about classwork. I hope that my absence will not disrupt you. I would be thankful to you if you allow me three days’ leave.


I am penning down this message to convey to you my leave from office. You might not take it as a general excuse but this time the pain has overpowered me a lot. I am having other health issues as well. I know that nowadays there is great hustle and bustle in the office due to workload but I ensure you to execute my duties online for three days. I hope you will consider this suggestion and will allow me to go on leave.

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Menstrual Cramps Excuse Work Note
Menstrual Cramps Excuse Work Note

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