Physician Peer Reference Letter

We are often asked to write a reference letter for our colleagues as the reference of peers also matters in some cases. Physicians also write recommendations for each other. The purpose of such letters is to give one’s review about his/her peer and help them grow in their career.

It is a special type of letter of reference in which the doctor gives his opinion about one of his peers. People usually give importance to their peers’ opinions about the physician they want to consult. In some cases, the recommendation is based on the specialty of the physician being recommended.

It is very common for physicians to write peer references during their years of practice and professional life. When the person being recommended is written this letter, he/she gets a sort of help from his/her colleague in getting admission to an institute for higher studies or for getting a job in another hospital.

So, if you can write a letter that is perfectly composed, you can easily help your colleague meet the goal he or she has been struggling to achieve.

This post will help you know how people typically write a letter of reference.

A doctor generally writes the recommendation letter for other doctors working with him in the same domain. Some common situations in which this letter is written are:

  • When a peer of a physician needs a competitive recommendation from one of his colleagues, he can count on someone working with him for a significant amount of time.
  • When a doctor treating a patient finds that the type of the treatment does not lie in his area of specialization and therefore, he is required to recommend the patient to visit his peer who has the relevant specialization done
  • If a doctor wants to get internal promotion and needs to prove that he has met the eligibility criteria for getting promoted from his current position
  • The reference letter acts as a testimonial given by a doctor for another doctor and therefore, holds significant importance.

Important points before you draft the letter

Confirm that you know the peer well:

When you are in professional life, practicing honesty is the first thing you need to do to prove that you are a credible individual who can be trusted.

So, whenever you refer someone for a job or any other purpose, you should make sure that you are writing for someone who deserves it. Confirm that you know your colleague well and you don’t need to fall back on the opinions of other co-workers to write a recommendation for your peer.

Know about the right way to send the letter:

Some people require the physician to send the letter directly to them without involving the person being recommended in it. If this is the requirement, you should be aware of it so that you don’t follow the wrong way and get your letter wasted.

Focus on important points to mention:

If you want to write a winning letter of reference, you should try to make sure that your letter stands out. For this purpose, make a list of points you want to shed light on.

For this, you need to know the purpose of writing this letter. If you are writing because the subject of the letter wants to get admission to an educational institute, mention such points that can prove that the candidate is a right fit for getting the admission.

Read the sample letter of reference given below:


I am Dr. Kennedy and I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. James for more than 4 years in the oncology department at the Central hospital. Mr. James has always been a very dedicated physician who always loved his job.

He has always been so keen to investigate the health and major causes of health issues arising in patients. Considering his research interests, I would recommend Mr. James to carry out his research work in the area of oncology so that he can serve the medical industry with new and interesting findings.

If you want to know anything else about Mr. James from me, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to a prosperous career with Dr. James.

Physician Peer Reference Letter
Physician Peer Reference Letter

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