Psychiatric Evaluation Forms

What is psychiatric evaluation form?

It is the form used by the psychologists to assess the mental illness and condition of the person. Those patients who come to physiatrists for treatment are given the form to fill. The form contains series of questions to be answered by the patient.

A psychiatrist can get the information about the patient and his illness. This is very useful when s/he wants to diagnose the exact problem of the patient. The form is given to the patient when he visits the hospital for a checkup.

Benefits of using psychiatric evaluation form:

The key benefits of this form are:

  1. It enables the doctor to get the information about the patient
  2. The patient feels it easier to describe his problem through the form because it contains series of questions to be answered
  3. It brings both doctor and patient on the same page
  4. The doctor can prescribe various types of medicine and activities to the patient based on information collected through this form

How to create the evaluation form?

  1. The first section of the form should be based on the identification of the patient. For this, add such fields which can collect the information about the patient such as his name, age, sex, social class, number of children, marital status etc.
  2. The next section of the form should be able to collect the problem that the patient is suffering from
  3. After that, enlist several symptoms to diagnose the exact problem
  4. In the next section of the form, collect the personal history of the patient. The personal history includes the birth and early development details, marriage details, social history of the patient, sexual history, history about occupations and a lot more.
  5. This section is the most important section because it gives most of the information to the psychiatrist about the patient.

If you want to save your time, download the readymade template for this form from here. The template can be customized based on what you want to add or remove from the form.


Psychiatric evaluation form


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