Request Letter for Urgent X-ray

Getting an x-ray result is a very crucial step as it aids in the right and accurate diagnosis. In some situations, a person needs an urgent x-ray report because of medical reasons. People who carry out x-ray procedures generally work in a different domain close to the medical domain. Medical practitioners also conduct x-ray examinations since they have better knowledge about several body conditions.

In general, an x-ray examination is carried out on a first come first serve basis. However, some patients are also dealt with first even if they have come late due to the request they make to the authorities.

When you write the request letter for an immediate x-ray, follow the tips given below:

Give reason:

There should be a solid reason as to why you need an x-ray on an urgent basis. Usually, people who meet with an accident or serious injury are asked by their doctors to get an x-ray urgently. Specify the reason so that your request can convince the reader into accepting it.

Specify the x-ray details:

A common man can’t tell the medical practitioner about the x-ray. So, ask your doctor first that x-ray of which body part is needed and then mention it in the letter.

Mention that you are ready to pay extra:

Many hospitals provide the facility of urgent x-ray, but they charge extra. For this service. Make them know that you are ready to pay extra. Read the sample letter given below for a better understanding:


I am Dr. ABC working as a pulmonologist in the city hospital. Recently, a patient visited me who is showing signs of chronic pulmonary disease. I fear that his life could be in danger if not given immediate treatment.

However, not having a proper diagnosis is holding me back from deciding what kind of treatment can save him. It is very important to take necessary steps with immediate effect if we want to save his life. Therefore, it is my humble request to you to place his x-ray examination with immediate effect. This act of kindness of yours will save his life.

I hope that you will understand the issue in a better way after seeing his condition. Furthermore, immediate action from your side will be appreciated. Please contact me on 354232 or via my email address if you want to know more about it.


Subject: Request for an urgent x-ray of [XYZ] for [ABC]

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to request to you conduct my x-ray on an immediate basis due to some legal medical reasons. I was going to my workplace for routine work when met with an accident. The collision with the car rushing towards me was so intense that my left arm is numb right now. I went to the city hospital where they asked to get the screening of my arm done so that they can see whether the bone is fractured or not.

The doctor has asked me to get the x-ray done as soon as possible because an urgent treatment of the bone can save it from getting completely fractured.

I know it might be difficult for you to organize a special meeting with me without an appointment since there are so many people in the pool waiting for their turn already. However, I am ready to pay extra charges for an urgent x-ray. It is my humble request to you to please book an urgent appointment with me regarding urgent screening. This way, I will be able to get quick treatment from my GP.

I am sharing an x-ray prescription with you through this letter. A quick response from you will be encouraged. I will be highly grateful to you in case you need further information, please contact me at [CONTACT]. I am looking forward to your response.

Request Letter for Urgent X-ray

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