Therapist Recommendation Letter for Client

A therapist is a person whose job is to deal with the emotional and mental illness of the patient. The recommendation letter of a therapist can be written by a fellow therapist or one of the patients of the therapist. This letter generally targets clients who are confused as to which therapist they should see. Sometimes, doctors also write these letters when they see that the patient needs therapy in addition to medical treatment.

When you write a recommendation letter, your sole purpose should be to make it easy for the therapist to get new clients. The recommendation letter generally introduces the therapist being discussed in the letter. So, your letter should also serve the purpose.

If you have been tasked to write a referral for a therapist so that a client can know better about him, here are a few tips that you can always follow:

Give your introduction:

Let the client know who you are so that he can decide how credible you are to recommend him to a therapist.

Discuss the therapist:

After giving your introduction, start talking about the therapist. Try to write the positive aspects of the therapist since you have to have a reason to refer a client to the therapist. Don’t criticize him or say anything that you did not like about him as it is not what a recommendation letter is supposed to do. Discuss the key skills of the therapist that can help the client if he chooses him based on your recommendation.

Below are two sample letters to help you in writing a recommendation letter for a client:


I am feeling so proud to let you know about (mention the name of the therapist) since I have got a golden opportunity to work with him. Mr. ABC is the most compassionate and supportive person I have ever met. Whenever I have to work through tough times in my life, I always find Mr. ABC to fall back on and I can proudly say that I always found him supporting me.

It would not be an exaggeration if I say that Mr. ABC has exceptional skills as a therapist. The way he connects with his patients and listens to their problems is commendable.  I believe that he has been blessed with the natural ability to make patients feel comfortable and share their deeper emotions with him.

I believe that Mr. ABC can be the best therapist for you if you are looking for someone who can help you get emotional support. I confidently recommend Mr. ABC for the best and impeccable therapy services. Thank you so much for considering my letter.

You can reach me on [TEXT] if you want to know anything more about him. I would be glad to provide you with my assistance. I will look forward to your reply.


Subject: Recommendation letter for [XYZ]

Name of the recipient

Name of the sender

Company of the sender

Subject: Recommendation letter for [XYZ]

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. ABC who is a well-known therapist in your area. I have gone through your profile in detail and concluded that you need a physical therapist to get rid of the pain in your back.

Mr. ABC is a qualified and experienced therapist. We have been in touch with each other since I also consulted him for physical therapy. The way he dealt with me was matchless. I never thought of consulting any other therapist after him.

 In my view, he is the best therapist I have ever consulted. Due to this, I believe that I recommend him to you also. I hope that after getting his services, you will be as satisfied and happy as me.

You can contact me at [XYZ] if you want to know more about him. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading my recommendation letter.

Therapist Recommendation Letter for Client

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