Medical Services Invoice Template

Invoices are used by medical services providers to bill their customers. They can be nurses, paramedical staff, doctors, surgeons, etc. Apart from serving mankind, medical service providers also have this job as a profession and they charge those people who get their services from them.  

What is a medical services invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document that is used to show a transaction between the customer and the service provider. Invoices are issued at the time of buying a medical service and not later.

These invoices are important because they document the transaction and also become a permanent part of a medical service provider’s record. The invoice can be in the form of paper which is printed in the store at the time of purchase or it can also be in electronic form when people purchase the services using the electronic platform.

What are the key characteristics of the medical services invoice?

Just like any other invoice, the invoice issued by a professional person in the field of medicine also tries to ensure that the transaction takes place with the full background information. Here are some mandatory characteristics of the medical services invoice:

They maintain the record:

Every service provider is responsible for keeping a record of the amount transferred to his account to prevent various unpleasant situations in the future. Keeping the record becomes very easy when an invoice is used. The user is not required to enter the details individually and he can simply keep a copy of the invoice with him for recordkeeping purposes.

They are useful when audits are conducted:

Audits are performed in clinics and hospitals also where there is a need to confirm if there is any discrepancy. Hospitals are often funded by NGOs and therefore, they have to give proof of every transaction. Internal audits are performed conveniently when the records of the invoices are kept.

Invoices for medical services should show compliance:

Businesses usually work in compliance with authority and policies devised by that authority. When an invoice is issued, it is important to confirm that it shows compliance with the policies regarding charges of any service, mentioning terms and conditions, percentage of included tax, and much more.

The invoice on credit has to show the due amount:

Some medical services providers also provide a facility to their customers and clients to pay them on credit. The invoice issued in this scenario is a bit different from the conventional invoice. It mentions the due amount that the customer is yet to pay as well as the amount that has been paid by the customer already.

What is the basic objective of using the medical invoice?

There are many purposes for using the invoice. However, every purpose can be fulfilled by any other means also. For example, you can document the transaction by making the entry of the records. However, the invoice mentions the details that keep the service provider and the patient on the same page. This way, no one can initiate any sort of dispute in the future.

Information to be provided by the medical invoice:

The invoice should include the information that a hospital needs to document to make an entry of the transaction between the medical staff and the customer. Here are the main components of the invoice:

  1. Name of the clinic/hospital along with the logo
    1. List of services provided by the service provider
      1. Date of issuing the invoice
      1. Charges for every service
      1. Total of all the charges
      1. Percentage of tax added to the total bill
      1. Terms and conditions of using the receipt and making the payment

When a customer has an invoice, he can see what type of services he has got. The invoice confirms the services and their charges so that it can be ensured that both are on the same page.

If a customer sees any problem with it, he can first visit the service provider and ask for the changes before he makes the payment to the service provider. If there is any type of refund, the invoice will have to be shown to prove that the service was taken.

Medical invoice template

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