Cupping Intake Form

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping or cupping therapy as the name indicates is a method for the treatment of different medical problems by using suction/cupping. It is not practiced as a medical or scientific method but as alternative medicine and is included most of the times in quackery and sometimes but not always in the physiotherapy.

What is the use of cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy is based in China but practiced in almost the whole world for the management of a number of complaints in the human body. Pain relief is the most important and famously accepted benefit of cupping. In addition to that, the detoxification of the skin and circulatory system is another widely accepted benefit of cupping therapy.

Some of the people who offer cupping services claim to provide the glowing and younger skin after a couple of sessions of cupping. They also claim for a better circulatory system and controlled blood pressure for the people who are suffering from it for ages.


Another famous benefit of cupping is the management and regulation of the human digestive system. Those who suffer from bloating, constipation and unexplained abdominal pain get benefit from the cupping as claimed. Improved metabolism is a claim of cupping therapy.

According to recent information, cupping is also believed to be effective for the treatment of acne, pain, cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis, and herpes zoster.

What are the methods of cupping?

There are a couple of different methods of cupping which are applied depending upon the conditions and need of the patient.

Dry cupping

Wet cupping

Fire cupping

Dry cupping as the name is indicating here involves the creation of small areas of lower air pressure. This is achieved by special instruments and the techniques are different for each spa.

Wet cupping is opposite of the dry cupping. It is also called is Hijama which included the bleeding technique of the cupping. In this type of cupping, a small incision is given on the skin and suction of this blood is carried out. Hijama is a very famous technique of cupping these days.

Fire cupping involves burning an alcohol swab and then using the cups for the creation of lower air pressure.

What is a cupping intake form?

The cupping intake form is used by the cupping points offering the services and utilized by the service providers for better provision of services. An intake form for cupping is filled in the same way as the spa intake forms.

They require the name of their client, age, sex and contact details. In contact details, one has to mention the address and phone number with an email address.

After this, the client’s preferences are inquired through a couple of questions in which the assessment is done and the type of cupping is offered on their demands.

If the client is suffering from any medical condition that is mentioned so that cupping is offered according to that. If someone has a broken bone, blood disorder or pregnancy, they have to mention that in their form.

Cupping Intake Form Template
Cupping Intake Form Template

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