Request Letter for Urgent Ultrasound due to Complications

Ultrasonic technology is used in medical science to see the inside of the body. Doctors generally get the ultrasound done so that they can come up with an accurate diagnosis. To get the ultrasound screening of your body, you will be required to make an appointment with the doctor.

In some cases, you don’t book an appointment since you urgently need the ultrasound report for treatment. In this situation, you will write a request letter to the management of the hospital asking them to do your ultrasound test without making you wait for the appointment.

You should know how to write the request letter to convince the reader to accept your request. For this, the following are some instructions:

Make a request:

You don’t need to get into formalities when you write this request letter because you should show urgency. Tell the reader that you want the report urgently. If possible, mention the date or time by which you need it.

Give a justification:

Although you don’t have time to write a long letter, the odds of getting approval for your request will be low if you don’t let them know the reason. So, provide information about the kind of complication you are facing, and which doctor has advised you to come with the ultrasound report for effective and quick treatment.

Understand how to write a request for urgent screening of your body, samples are below.

1st sample

Subject: Urgent ultrasound request for [XYZ] due to complications

I am [NAME HERE] from [ADDRESS]. I am writing this letter because I want to make a humble request to you to please carry out my ultrasound on an urgent basis. I am compelled to write this request letter because my gynecologist has asked me to get it done as I have some medical complications.

I am six months and yesterday morning, I started feeling dizzy and nauseated. Earlier, I thought that these are the signs of pregnancy at this stage. However, my condition started worsening, so I went to the doctor.

My doctor has told me that the condition of the baby might be in danger.

Therefore, I should get the screening done so that it can be confirmed whether there is any complication or not. Furthermore, my baby’s life could be in danger which, urgent ultrasound is important. Being a doctor, you can understand my problem. Therefore, I expect that you will cooperate with me and allow me to get the ultrasound done without waiting for my turn.

I am ready to pay extra for quick service. I am sharing my doctor’s note with this letter. Please have a look at it. I am looking forward to your approval.

2nd sample

Subject: A request for an urgent ultrasound due to complications

I am Dr. Adams, a gynecologist in The City Hospital. I am writing this letter to refer one of my patients to you for urgent screening of her breasts. Her name is Miss Lisa, and she is a 40-year-old lady. She came to me yesterday for a regular screening of her breasts.

During the screening, I noticed a lump in her right breast. On investigation, I came to know that she is having many other symptoms of breast cancer. However, I am not sure about it. So, I am referring her to you for a detailed ultrasound of her breasts. I fear that the tumor could spread to other parts of the body which then will be very hard to treat.

Please carry out her ultrasound as quickly as possible so that I can refer her to any experienced doctor who can deal with the lump in the best possible way.

Contact me on [TEXT] if you want to know more about the patient’s condition or medical history.  

Request Letter for Urgent Ultrasound due to Complications

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