Permission Letter for Doctor Appointment

It is a formal letter that a person writes to the higher authorities to get permission to take a particular step. If you are working in a company and you have an appointment with the doctor, you will have to take leave from work. Due to this, you need to take permission from your boss to take leave.

Writing a permission letter to the employer is very tricky because you need to be careful so that you easily get the permission. Make sure that you add the required information to the letter. Read the instructions given below:

Describe the purpose of the letter:

As soon as you start the letter, let the reader know that you are writing this letter because you want to seek permission to go for a doctor’s appointment.

Describe the appointment:

The reader might want to know about the appointment so that he can guess at what time you need to go. Provide details such as the time of the appointment, the name of the doctor and clinic you are going to visit, and the purpose of the visit.

Take permission:

Now, clearly described in the letter whether you need a full day off or a half day leaves from work. Show a positive attitude and say thanks to the reader in advance.

Understand how to write an effective permission letter.

1st sample

I am (mention your name) working in the finance department as a sales executive. The purpose of writing this letter is to seek your permission to take a leave for one day from work. I have been feeling very sick for the last 3 weeks. Due to my illness, my productivity has been affected. I often remain down with a fever and am unable to focus on my work. Due to this, I decided to see the doctor.

My appointment is booked with the general physician in ABC hospital on 19th July 2055 at 10 am. I know it is very important for me to be at the workplace but, I have an urgent meeting with the doctor since I have some health complications. I got this appointment after a long wait and I can’t miss it.

I hope that you will understand my situation. Please allow me to attend the appointment with the doctor. The appointment details are attached to this letter. I assure you that I will be back within one day. I will be highly thankful to you.

2nd sample

Subject: Permission for appointment

This letter is being written to take permission from you to attend an appointment with the doctor. I have to see my gynecologist for a routine checkup next week. It is very critical for me to attend to see the doctor as I have some very important health matters to discuss with her.

The doctor’s clinic I want to visit is located in another city. Therefore, I need to take a leave for two days from work.

The health and well-being of employees are very important for working more efficiently. If an employee does not feel good, he will not be able to perform his duties well. Due to this, employees should be given paid medical leave.

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling very sick. My condition has not been improving. Due to this, I decided to visit Dr. ABC in (mention the name of the hospital).

Kindly permit me to go on leave to see my doctor. I shall be highly grateful to you. For confirmation, I am sharing my appointment proof with this letter. I am looking forward to your response. You can reach me on [TEXT] or convene a meeting with me for further discussion.

Permission Letter for Doctor Appointment

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