Doctor’s Note to Return to Work after Surgery

A doctor discusses everything with the patient regarding his/her health after the surgery. In some cases, the doctor is asked to bring some important points and suggestions in writing so that the patient can prove that he or she has undergone surgery. This written document is known as a doctor’s note. 

What is a doctor’s note to return to work after surgery?

It is a written description of the patient’s surgery, medical conditions, and some recommendations and suggestions from the doctor. This note is always issued by the doctor and the doctor uses the letterhead of his clinic to prove that the note has been issued by the official sources. 

There are many such circumstances when people have to prove that their surgery has been carried out. For example, people who are working in a company and want accommodations at the workplace are often required to show a doctor’s note to the employee. This note clearly states what kind of surgery the patient was and how much a patient is required to be careful to recover from the pain and after-effects of the surgery. 

What does a doctor’s note include?

When a doctor writes a note to the patient, it is ensured that the following details are always present in the letter:

Introductory details:

This note should always be started with the details of the patient such as name and also some details regarding the operation the doctor has conducted. This should also be followed by the description of the medical condition of the patient that lets the reader know about the seriousness of the patient. 

Give details of the operation:

In the note, mention the dates on which the doctor conducted the surgery on the patient. If you want to be more precise, you can also mention the type of surgery as there are different types of surgeries. 

Give special instructions after the surgery:

Everyone knows that the patient needs to be careful after the surgery depending on the medical condition. However, it is the responsibility of the doctor to let the patient know precisely what type of care he should take. The doctor gives special instructions to ensure that the patient successfully avoids the bad effects of the surgery. 

If the patient asks the doctor to write this note for his/her employer, the doctor should focus on the care that needs to be taken when the patient returns to work after the surgery. 

Request the doctor: 

To ensure that the patient is in good health, the doctor should request the employer to make special accommodations for the patient to make it easy for him/her to return to work and start his routine life after the surgery. The doctor should also give some suggestions in the note for the patient who is returning to work. The suggestions can also suggest the type of medical condition the patient is going through. 

To write an effective doctor’s note for a patient who is about to return to work after surgery, you can read the sample note to get help. 

Sample doctor’s note:

To Whom It May Concern, 

It is to certify that my patient Miss. Lisa underwent knee surgery on 10 March 203X. She remained under my observation for 3 days until I allowed her to return to work. 

Her knee bone was badly broken from one side. It has been repaired and joined. However, she is required to keep her leg in place so that the bone gets enough support and time to get repaired. I recommend my patient Miss. Lisa does not put her weight on her leg for a long time, walks carefully, and tries to spend her time at the workplace sitting. In short, her mobility at the workplace should be restricted. I advise her to get a thorough examination of her leg done again on 18 March 203X. 

I would appreciate it if you cooperate with her in this regard. I can be reached at [#] for further queries. 


Name of the doctor 


Doctor’s Note to Return to Work after Surgery

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