Ideal Weight Chart

Weight is the favorite debate of health professionals, fitness trainers as well as fitness freaks. It is the weight that has led to the establishment of one of the biggest businesses in the world. People are going crazy over getting an ideal weight and an ideal body. People are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to fitness trainers just to gain the figure of their dream. They are also willing to pay for those expensive liposuction surgeries and gastric banding to help them lose extra pounds off their bodies.

Besides the cosmetic importance of staying in an ideal weight range, medical importance can never be ignored. One must keep aiming to stay in a normal range of weight for his specific height to stay away from the risks of many illnesses.

We all know that excessive weight leads to a lot of serious medical conditions and sometimes they stick to a man for a lifetime and leave him in misery, pain, and disability.

Why is achieving an ideal weight so important?

Those who are struggling with being overweight know the answer. To achieve an ideal weight is not just important to achieve a healthy body and mind, it is equally important in gaining confidence.

A person with a fit body and the ideal weight feels confident in his own skin; he can wear whatever he wants and flaunts whatever looks he desires.

Ideal weight chart and its interpretation

  1. An ideal weight chart has been devised for reference to know what weight is suitable for a specific height and if someone does not fall into the ideal weight, he must work hard to achieve that weight and avoid many health issues.
  2. A person can see if his weight is going up or down from the normal reference age, he must change his lifestyle to come to the ideal weight according to his height. And if somehow, he is unable to achieve his goal weight, he can consult the doctor for his concerns at any time.
  3. We can take some examples to help understand this ideal weight chart. This will be better and more practical to use this chart.
  4. For example, if a man is five feet and five inches in height, his ideal weight according to this weight chart must be 120-150 pounds which makes around 57-65 kilograms.
  5. Similarly, if a woman has the same height, her weight must not be less than 113 pounds or more than 138 pounds.
  6. Now, if a man weighs less than 120 pounds, he must be concerned because he is underweight and proper evaluation is required why the weight is so low at an adult age.
  7. If his weight is more than 150 pounds, he must be concerned again to reduce some weight because as much weight he puts on, he comes at more risk of developing cardiac diseases and diabetes.
  8. The same applies to the weights of females and proper evaluation and planning are required to manage the abnormal weight.
Ideal weight chart

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