Not Fit to Fly Certificate Template

General practitioners of the patient issue the certificate of fit to fly when they want to affirm that the patient is in good health and is fit to fly. In the same way, when the patient is not in good health, the doctor can issue a not fit to fly certificate.

Sometimes, people have medical conditions that make them unfit for traveling. Many such medical conditions are adversely affected by flying. This is the reason the doctor forbids such patients to fly. When people are bound to travel, they are issued a license not to fly.

What is a not-fit-to-fly certificate?

It is a formal document issued by the doctor to his patient to certify that the patient’s health is not good and, therefore, he is not deemed fit to fly. Flying can have bad effects on the health of the patient. For example, a heart patient should not be allowed to travel to distant destinations by choosing longer flights. If such a patient has to travel to a faraway area, they will be required to show a not-fit-to-fly certificate to prove that they are not allowed because of poor health.

Why are not-fit-to-fly certificates used?

When you are asked to travel but you cannot because your doctor has advised you not to travel until you are back in good health, you will have to prove it since it is not practical for you to refuse to travel without having any proof in hand. 

These certificates are good as they allow a person to get away with traveling due to not being in optimal health condition. Such patients ask their doctors to issue certificates so that they can be shown at the workplace to prove that their health is not up to par. 

Not Fit to Fly Certificate

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How to write?

Clearly state that the subject is not fit to fly:

This certificate is a formal document and due to this, people don’t want to read the formalities. As soon as you start this certificate, certify that the patient is not in the optimal condition to fly. You should mention the name of the patient as well as the passport number which will let everyone know that the patient is not appropriate to take the flight. Whether the patient wants it or not, the doctor should be honest and do his duty. 

Discuss why:

It is the right time for you to let everyone know why you are issuing this certificate to the patient. You don’t need to write long and complicated medical terms to prove that the patient is not in the right condition. However, simply name the medical condition and also discuss the repercussions of flying with the stated medical conditions. 

Discuss when the patient can travel:

If you have forbidden the patient to travel by writing this certificate, you should tell him when he can travel. If there are special recommendations or suggestions for the patient, discuss them so that they can follow them and stay safe for the rest of the time. 

Read the sample certificate given below that will help you draft a certificate of your own. 


To Whom It May Concern, 

It is to certify that ________________ (mention the name of the patient), 20 years old with passport number 23CVX23 came to the hospital for thorough screening before she could travel. After a thorough examination, symptoms of flu, fever, and nausea were seen. The doctor conducted her [X] test which came out to be positive. Due to this, the doctors in The City Hospitals have declared this patient not fit to fly as the health of every patient in the hospital will be at stake due to this highly contagious virus. 

Ms. Aadi Naved is clinically fit and I recommend she start traveling after spending 14 days in isolation so that she does not become the cause of spreading the disease to other passengers. 

Please contact the hospital at 3463423 for more information. The test reports are attached to the certificate. 




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