Child Intake Form

Children are the flowers of our little garden. They deserve to be loved and taken care of. It is important that we consider them as grown human beings and similarly treat them. It is important to let them feel loved, heard, and respected. But, unfortunately, there comes a time in the life of a family when the child has to be given in some other hands.

It becomes inevitable for the parents to hand over a piece of their heart to someone else. Someone else becomes the new foster family or caretaker of the child and then, life goes on.

Purpose of the child intake form

Child intake is a legal process and has to be done for many different purposes. Child intake is properly done and proper forms are filled, proper documentation is required to let the later process go smoother.

But, first things first. Knowing the reasons behind all this documentation is important to know as a responsible and well-informed citizen of society. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why a child intake form can be needed produce.

  1. If the child is going to have his new foster family, the child intake form is then filled by the new family as well as the previous and original parents if present. This is a really sensitive issue and needs proper care and attention so that no page is left unturned while completing the process of a foster family.
  2. If the child has some mental issues and needs psychological support, a proper child intake form is filled by the parents or the caretaker whosoever is responsible for it. This kind of child intake form makes sure that the psychologist is approached through proper channels and that the parents have given full permission for the treatment of their minor child.
  3. Similarly, this form can also be required in the hospital before performing any indoor procedure or any surgery or treatment inside the hospital. For any of such procedures and treatments which require an admission of the child for longer than normal, the child intake form is filled by the parents to allow the custody of the child for some particular period.

How a child intake form is filled?

  1. A child intake form is usually filled out by the parents or the caretakers. This form consists of the complete information of the child which includes name, age, sex, height, weight, and other identity particulars including the names of the parents and present and permanent address.
  2. If necessary, the comments are also taken from the current and the new family in which they can mention anything, particularly about the child.
  3. If the caretaker is concerned about the child for any reason, he or she can write that too for which a proper column is provided in the form.
  4. If the child has to be admitted to the hospital or for psychotherapy, a similar form has to be filled too.
Child Intake Form Template

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