Medical Office Start Up Expense Sheet

Medical office startup is the dream of any medical practitioner. Since the time of admission into a medical school, a doctor wishes to have his own clinical setup. He dreams of his own office where he can begin his medical practice and treat the patients from his own clinic. He wants to expand his practice with the passage of time and this gradually leads to an established career with a personal medical office setup.

A medical office setup definitely needs a big budget in the beginning. We need to set up a well-established office for medical practice. A handsome amount of money is required initially so that the medical setup is well equipped and well organized right from the beginning. This helps in better medical practice and a better environment for the incoming flow of the patients as well.

Medical Office startup expenses

Medical office startup expenses sometimes become way too much to handle and one needs proper information in the form of data. This usually complies in a sheet called a medical office expense sheet.


Medical officer startup expenses must be updated on a daily basis so that we know where we are spending and how it is being spent. Thousands of dollars are spent on the setup of a medical office. There is equipment that we have to buy, medical supplies that we have to arrange and the furniture that is a must in any medical setup. All this has to be of good quality to avoid multiple purchases of a single item.

Once the setup is established, a monthly expense sheet is made. But, before that, we have to get a startup expense sheet which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Medical office expense sheet

  1. Medical office startup expense sheet helps in the management of the medical expenses.  It also helps in the tracking of the expenses on a regular basis and of the claims also.
  2. This expense sheet is mostly an Excel worksheet that helps in the easy alignment of all the expenses and balances before or after payments. There are tons of areas where one has to do the expenses and this expense sheet proves to be a life savior in such circumstances. You can manage the expenses on the professionals’ fees, patient’s refunds; insurance company’s refunds and other revenues all at one place and in a single glance and you can get the idea of your expenses.
  3. Apart from that, you can also get the expenses for the salaries of all the workers in your medical office. You can manage the salaries of the physicians, the payrolls and taxes, dues and membership expenses, meetings and traveling of the physicians, salaries of the primary care providers and supporters, medical supplies, utilities, food, and tea breaks and property taxes.
  4. Moreover, you can also see how much you are spending on marketing and amortization, bank fees, property taxes and much more.  One definitely needs this kind of expense sheet.

Sample Template

Medical office startup expense sheet

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