Baby’s First Food Log

Food and nutrition are the first and foremost priorities of parents for their kids. When a child is born, they are born with some special needs and requirements with respect to their feed, growth, and development.

Proper growth and development are necessary because of it the most important in the normal functioning of these kids and properly developed children are the ones, who prove to be the best active citizens for society.

For setting a good basis for growth and development, it is important that the child gets proper food right from the beginning. It is important for proper mental development also. When a child is born, he is exclusively fed upon the mother’s feed.


Baby is fed upon mother’s feed exclusively for six months of age. After six months, babies are introduced to other foods as well. This process is called weaning. During the process of weaning, the baby’s milk intake is cut down and replaced by semi-solid or solid food. For example, if the baby is taking eight feeds in the form of milk, it is reduced to four times and the other four times, he is given non-milk food.

Baby’s first feed Records

So, other than milk, some semi-solid and solid feed is introduced for specific needs and requirements of certain vitamins and minerals.

  1. It is very important for the parents to keep a check on the food they are introducing to their parents. Because some babies get picky eaters and they don’t respond well to the feed they are given.
  2. It is also important to note down the food introduced and the response or reaction of the baby because it might be possible that the baby is allergic to certain food items.
  3. A baby’s first feed record is maintained for the purpose of getting a quantitative idea of the food and nutrition a baby is receiving.
  4. It helps in the assessment and decision-making for the next strategy for the nutritional plan for the weaning baby.

Baby’s first feed log

Since it is important for the mothers to keep a log of their baby’s first feed, it is also important that the mother understands how a log is maintained.

  1. A baby’s first food log starts with mentioning the name of the baby, his date of birth, and gender is also mentioned.
  2. After maintaining the identity of the baby, we mention the food we have introduced to the patient. These foods are mentioned both in terms of micro and macronutrients. The proper description of the food item is mentioned in the log.
  3. Sometimes one food is administered and the baby’s response is noted for at least three attempts of feeding.
  4. If the baby, shows any signs of dislike or allergy for three consecutive attempts, the food is withdrawn. If no allergy is noted, but the baby shows apprehension about the food, another form or style of food is administered. For example, if a baby doesn’t eat fruits in raw form, he may be given the same fruits in puree form.
Baby's first food log

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