Abortion Appointment Letter

Abortion is a medical process in which the woman carrying a baby decides to end the pregnancy. There are many reasons behind deciding ongoing for an abortion. Sometimes, the medical condition of the woman does not allow her to give birth to a baby and due to this, she decides to abort the pregnancy on the advice of her general physician.

In addition to it, some women like to abort the pregnancy because they were not expecting it and they have some major life goals to achieve which are being hindered by their pregnancy.

It is an appointment letter that is issued by the doctor or management of the hospital to the female patient who previously applied for an abortion. In this letter, the patient is informed that her appointment is confirmed with the doctor at the mentioned time. The patient is also given the freedom to accept the allocated time or make a request for change in it.

These days, everyone is so busy in their life that it is not easy for two people to meet without a scheduled time. Doctors are generally very busy with their patients and when it comes to abortion, they don’t deal with patients all the time unless there is an emergency.

So, the woman who needs to get the abortion done first requests the doctor to schedule an appointment for this purpose and then the doctor issues her a specific date and time of doctor’s availability.

Possible benefits…

A doctor and patient generally render many benefits due to which they choose to write an appointment letter. Some of the common benefits are:

It saves time:

When a doctor sends a commitment letter to the patient, it means he respects and values the time. Without assigning a time slot to the patient, things can go wrong. For instance, when a doctor gives a time slot to the patient, he knows that in that time slot, he will have to be ready for carrying out the abortion procedure. This way, the patient will not have to wait for a long time in the clinic.

It shows professionalism:

It is an attribute of people with a professional approach to assigning a time slice from their busy routine to someone they have to meet. The patient feels good being treated by a doctor who is serious about saving time for others and gives respect to others. Furthermore, the patient also makes arrangements since she knows in advance when she has to go for an abortion.

It acts as a reminder:

The appointment letter serves the purpose of a reminder for the doctor as well as the patient. When the schedule of the doctor for a day or a month is designed, this letter helps the doctor reserve a time slot for carrying out the abortion.

The woman also prepares herself for the abortion and makes certain arrangements such as taking off from work and preparing various documents.

The doctor can give instructions through it:

Oftentimes, abortion is a critical process and the doctor has to ensure that nothing goes wrong. So, the patient is instructed about all the necessary things. For instance, if the doctor wants to see the medical reports of the patient before carrying out the abortion procedure, he/she can direct the patient about bringing the reports along. Similarly, many other types of directions can also be shared via this meeting schedule letter.

 Read the sample letter given below and learn how a doctor writes a professional letter while letting the patient know about the allocated time slot.


Your appointment with (mention name of the doctor) has been booked for 5th March 20XX for abortion at the maternity department of ABC hospital.

You are advised to bring along one of your family members to assist you after the abortion procedure has been completed. Also, bring all your recent medical reports with you.

If the allocated time slot is not suitable for you and you want another time slot, contact us on the official phone number of the clinic.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the person writing the letter

Abortion Appointment Letter Template

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