Medical Excuse Note from Work for Various Reasons

Note #1

Please take this message as my off from the office on account of my poor health condition. It would not be possible for me to mark my presence as I am having gastroesophageal reflux. Due to this, I feel bloating and muscle cramps all over my body.

It might take some time to get fully recovered as I am on a prescribed medicine course. I have not yet availed my leaves of the year and I want to request you to allow me to leave for two weeks. My leave will start from [mention date] to [mention date].

I am making sure to accomplish the pending tasks before going on leave. You can send me emails about important matters. I hope you will take this as a general excuse and will allow me to leave for the asked period. I would be thankful to you for this favor.

Note #2

I am Roger Bell and writing this letter to take permission for five days’ leave because of my health issues. I have been contaminated with viral infection and my test reports show that infection has badly affected my lungs. To avoid the spread of disease, I have been advised to maintain a distance from others. There are high chances of getting transferred the disease germs to nearby people.

I cannot come to the office in this situation. I know that my sudden absence will create you lot of inconvenience and I seek forgiveness for this. I have talked to Monica to look over my work affairs for some days. Fortunately, she has agreed to do so. On resuming office, I will make sure to speed up my work.

Note #3

With a heavy heart, I am letting you know through this email about my miscarriage. I was expecting a delivery on [mention date] but yesterday my blood pressure shoot proved fatal for me. All this happened a sudden and it resulted in the loss of my baby. I have been in severe depression after this and my mental health is deteriorating. I had planned a lot of things for the newborn and no one can apprehend my sorrow.

I am undergoing some complications that can be harmful to my health if I do not take rest these days. I humbly request you to allow me two weeks’ leave. In this way, I would be able to regain my mental and physical health. Thank you for entertaining my request.

Note #4

I humbly beg pardon to ask for three days’ leave. Due to taking extra medicine dose my stomach is badly upset. I have been vomiting since last night and my immune system has become weak.

I remained admitted to the hospital for half a day and still I am feeling dizzy. It might take some time for me to get fully recovered. I am bounded to follow the doctors’ provision for some days. It would be a great favor for me if you approve my leave request of three days. The doctor’s prescribe note is along with the message and I hope it will clear your doubts.

Note #5

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing great. I am Candler Ross and writing you to ask for your favor regarding a week’s leave. I have been dealing with migraine issues for a long time. I visited a doctor a few days ago and I am diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The only treatment suggested for this is healthy mental activity and meditation. I need to refrain from any work stress that will put impacts on my health. Kindly facilitate me in this regard and sanction my leave request. Thanking in anticipation.

Note #6

I am Rachel David and penning this letter for seven days’ leave due to a muscle spasm. I know this will disrupt you as our team is working on an important project. My body has become stiff and I get hurt a lot while lifting anything. I am not in a condition to execute tasks properly.

I have consulted a physiotherapist and he has suggested me some exercises daily. While attending office I cannot perform the exercise and therefore I need seven days to leave to relax my body. You can contact me through email for any urgent queries. I need your support to facilitate me in this regard.

Medical excuse note

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