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When you or your child is sick and can’t attend office or school respectively, the ethical or required method is to inform them that you will not be able to attend to your assigned work. This way they can assign someone else to attend to your duties for the time period that you are unavailable for. But for this purpose you need to inform them in writing ,  a leave application is required but in addition to that professionalism requires that you attach a medical excuse note signed by your doctor. His note ensures that the administration knows you are asking for leave for authentic reasons.

A medical excuse note shows the following information :

  • The name of the medical facility you visited
  • The name of the doctor you consulted
  • The contact information of the doctor
  • The reason for your visit and absence
  • The time required for the leave of absence
  • The date you will be returning on
  • The name of your institution
  • The signature of the doctor


medical excuse note templateDifferent templates are used for the note according to the requirement. If your office or school has a set pattern or printed form for the note you can fill it and ask your doctor to sign it or you can ask the doctor to give you one present in the edict facility. This medical excuse note is not just a requirement for a single person but school and offices and even hospitals need to keep them in case they have to issue them.


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