Referral Note from Doctor to Specialist

Note #1

I am Dr. Christopher, a medical officer at Jones Kennedy and Steward has been my patient for a long time. He has recently developed prostate cancer for which he visits me. He is 70 years old and I have kept him on XYZ medicine but the results are not satisfactory. The only treatment required for this disease is chemotherapy. His current health status does not allow him to go for chemo sessions. I have come to know that you have discovered a new way of treating this disease. I have high hopes that he will be recovered soon in your surveillance. I have sent you all the details of the patient.

Note #2

Hope you have been doing great. I am Samuel’s physician and he needs surgery for obesity treatment. He is also a diabetic patient and recently his weight has started increasing rapidly. He is visiting me for the past three years and during these years I have suggested several diets. All this has not helped him and his weight is constantly increasing. His health is becoming gruesome and things are getting out of control.

This has also led to depression and hypertension in him and medicines are no longer providing any fruitful results. The last option we are left with is surgery only. Under your care, he will be able to lose weight and retain good health. This recovery will also assist him to look at life with a beautiful perspective.

Note #3

I am referring Mr. Louis to you for his cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. I want you to let him check and give your expert opinion. The last two months have been really tough for her as he had a brain hemorrhage due to hypertension. Now his blood pressure stays normal but often it fluctuates and it’s very contagious for his health. I have recommended him several tests including cardiac echo glomerular filtration rate. The test results are still pending and I am sending you his previous test reports.

Note #4

I am writing this message on behalf of my patient Jones and referring him to you. He has weak muscles and has had Neurotherapy for the past three years. He has been visiting me for a long time and I believe that physiotherapy will assist him a lot. He came to visit me for the first time for his knee surgery that resulted due to an accident. He has gone through multiple surgeries and now his muscles have become extremely weak.

Moreover, neuropathy has affected badly his body and he feels numbness in his hands and foot. The only thing with which he can recover fast is physiotherapy. His previous medical record and x-ray reports are attached to the message. For more queries, you can call me at any time between 10 am to 5 pm. thanking in anticipation.

Note #4

I am Dr. Meghan, a general physician at ABC Hospital in Tennessee. I want to refer my patient Alexander to you as he has herniated disc and joint issue. He is a hunchbacked patient and now he is getting spinal column abnormality. This can be treated properly by consulting a sports physician and you are the best option for this. I am sending some of his medical history records and I believe you will lend your kind support to him.

Note #5

I am giving my services at Atchison Hospital as a psychiatrist for more than five years. You have been doing a tremendous job in your profession and I have heard a lot about it. I have been moving abroad for specialization and hence will not be able to check my patients. This message is being written to recommend my patient Alex Karl suffering from schizophrenia. He is 35 years of age and needs proper treatment. Whilst I will be abroad, his health would be affected badly. Therefore, I request you continue his treatment during my absence. I will share all of his medical histories with you. I hope you will cooperate with me.

Note #6

Please consider this message as a referral note for my patient Seth Louis who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. I recommended him some tests and the reports show that the disease is spreading slowly but can be overcome. Here at ABC Hospital, we do not have the proper staff to treat the disease. Therefore, I am recommending him to you and I will update you about his previous history. Thank you for giving kind consideration to this message.

Referral note from doctor to specialist

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