Letter to School for Dentist Appointment


Re: Excuse from School due to Appointment with Dentist

Dear Mr. [Principal], this is to inform you that I shall not be able to attend school from [DATE] to [DATE] as I have three consecutive appointments with my dentist. I am suffering from a dentistry ailment and therefore, it needs extra regular examination and some important testing. For this sake, I need two consecutive leaves from the school from [DATE] to [DATE].

On [DATE], while getting basketball training, I fell on the ground over my face and broke one front tooth and one back tooth. Due to the breakage from the middle of the tooth, it became a little complicated. After getting a regular checkup from local healthcare, I was advised to see a dentist in the Dentistry Care Department.

Moreover, I have to o through some X-rays of my teeth and a radial examination of my gums to check if anything is wrong with them. Moreover, I have continuous pain in my gums and front set of teeth due to the accident. Therefore, it is not possible for me to come to the school for two days.

I have sent an email to Mr. [NAME] for records. As exams are approaching near, I would be grateful if you instruct the Student Counsel to send me the Crash Course Set via email. It would be great for me to recover what will be left in two days.

I shall be highly grateful if you approve my request. Thank you in anticipation.



Re. Absence from School due to Dentist Appointment

Dear Mr. [NAME],

I am [NAME]’s mother/father. [NAME] is a student at your school in grade [x] in the [SPECIFY THE BLOCK]. I am writing to inform you that [NAME] shall not be able to attend school on [DATE]. She has an appointment with the dentist which will keep her from attending school. Please notify the relevant persons.

[NAME] has been complaining of a toothache for a long and it has been delayed due to school and my official commitments at work. I have signed for a leave from the office on [DATE] and I want to take my daughter to the dentist on the same day. I am unable to delay her appointment anymore because it might result badly.

I request you inform the relevant authorities and ask the Student Federation of School to take care of her due assignments and work. She has always been a brilliant student at your school.

Please send me an email of approval so that I can confirm the appointment. I shall be thankful for your cooperation. Thank you.


Letter to school for doctor appointment

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