Eye Drop Schedule Sheet

The sense of sight is among the biggest blessings of our creator. We are blessed to have been able to see, hear, touch, speak, move, and whatnot, which makes us obliged to our lord. The sense of sight is among the most sensitive and vulnerable senses and needs extra care and protection.

Eye conditions need attention

With the advancement in medical sciences, ophthalmology has gained immense popularity, as there are hundreds and thousands of clinical conditions associated with the vision and eye as an organ. We come across hundreds of people in our lives who suffer from refractive errors of the eye and have to wear spectacles for their whole lives.

Then there are infective conditions of the eye that leave us helpless, and we rush to the eye specialists whenever we face any of them. Spring catarrh is by far the most common allergic condition of the eyes that many people suffer from due to the disease being viral.

Similarly, foreign bodies stuck in the eyes of workers in factories also result in limitless conditions of the eye. There is another disease of the eyes, which is known as a cataract in common words. A cataract is a curable disease but requires a lot of attention and care after the surgery is done.

The point of mentioning all these diseases of the eyes is that all these conditions need care and treatment. Most of the treatment of eye conditions is done by the local application of drugs, which we term “eye drops.”.

Medications such as eye drops

Eye drops are present in many forms, and a lot of drugs are administered locally as eye drops. Steroids are administered to lessen the local signs of inflammation in the eyes in the form of eye drops and are used in an uncountable number of eye diseases. Some antibiotics are also used as eye drops and are administered locally. Other drugs used as eye drops include acetaminophen, chloramphenicol, and some anti-allergic drugs.

All these drugs are used for the treatment of eye conditions that may cause a lot of trouble and sometimes hinder vision if left untreated. These eye drops are given regularly for a given time until the disease is gone.

Eye drops schedule sheet

  1. Since the entire eye drops are administered many times a day regularly, there are chances that the patient might miss a dose or two. This can especially happen if the eye drops are to be given for a longer period.
  2. A schedule sheet can be used for compliance purposes. This sheet consists of the name of the patient, his age, sex, and contact details. After that, the primary diagnosis of the patient is mentioned, for which eye drops are to be given.
  3. The schedule sheet then consists of some columns that consist of the name of the drug and then the timings at which the drug has to be given.
  4. The nurse follows the schedule and marks the time and drug that are administered at each time.
Eye Drop Schedule Sheet

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