Reasonable Accommodation Request Letter from Doctor

Oftentimes we want accommodation at the workplace or a place where we go regularly. Sometimes we need accommodation because of health issues. In such scenarios, we have to apply for accommodations. People to who we write requests often don’t believe us because, in professional life, no step is taken without proper documentation. Therefore, if we lack documents, we won’t be able to apply for flexibility.

So, when we want to get some space at the workplace because of any sort of disability or because we have some health issues, we can ask our doctor to write a request letter to our employer and ask for accommodation.

It is a letter that a medical practitioner writes on behalf of his patient to his employer to make a formal request to allow the patient to get some accommodation at the workplace due to health issues.

How do doctors write this letter?

It is very common for doctors to write letters to their patients’ employers and therefore, they usually know how to draft these letters. However, if a doctor does not know how to make a request that can convince the employer to approve it, the patient provides the format or a template to the doctor.

In this letter, the healthcare professional provides details regarding the health issue of the patient in detail and then makes a request. This letter is usually written on the letterhead of the hospital in which the doctor treats patients.

Following are sample letters written by a doctor for his patient:

Request letter sample

Subject: Request for a reasonable accommodation for [ZYC]

Respected sir,

I am Dr. ABC working in the services hospital as a medical specialist. Your employee Mr. XYZ has been getting treatment for pain in his lower back for the last 4 months. In the recent X-ray report, it has been seen that his backbone is experiencing serious complications. Due to this, I am restricting him to sit or stand for an extended periods. In addition, he is required to put limits on his mobility also so that his back can heal.

It is my humble request to you to please provide him with some accommodation at the workplace so that he can work smoothly without affecting his health and work. I would like to ask for the following reasonable accommodations:

  1. A sit-stand desk so that he can work in his desired position whenever he wants.
  2. A chair that is very friendly for people who have problems with their backbone.
  3. Authorization to work from home as and when required.

As a doctor, I am ready to provide additional information to you in case you require it. For proof, I am attaching the X-ray and ultrasound reports of your employee with this letter so that you can confirm his medical condition. Thank you so much for considering my request. I look forward to your reaction to my request.


Request letter sample

Subject: Request letter for a reasonable accommodation at [XYZ]

Respected sir,

I am Dr. ABC from the civil hospital. I work in the pulmonology department of the hospital. Your employee Mr. XYX visited me last month for shortness of breath and an intense cough. I prescribed him some medicine, but his symptoms don’t seem to disappear.

He has told me that he works as a civil engineer and his job is to present different sites where oftentimes, he is exposed to dust due to ongoing construction work on that site.

I have carried out some tests and came to know that he has an allergy, and he is not going to recover from these problems unless he takes steps to restrict his exposure to allergy-triggering areas.

Considering his condition allergy, I would like to request you provide him with some workplace accommodations such as air filters at his office and telework when he is not able to come to the office.

I hope that you will consider my request. Please let me know if you want to know more.


Name of the doctor

Name of the doctor’s clinic.

Reasonable accommodation request letter from doctor

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