Warning Letter for Fake Medical Certificate


Re. Warning on Submitting Fake Medical Certificate on [DATE]

I am highly disappointed by the recent inquiry in which it was found out that the medical certificates submitted by you to the Department of Planning and Management are fake and that they have forged authorization and attestation. I am extremely disappointed by your act of submitting a forged certificate. Hence, further inquiry is underway, and I am looking forward to a detailed response letter from you. Please read the below-given details carefully and respond.

On [DATE], for the sake of promotional services, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is collecting medical certificates from the employees to confirm their medical fitness and good health. DPD asks for medical fitness certificates from the employees every year in mid-October or early November.

The purpose of collecting medical fitness certificates is to confirm to the Federal Medical Board, Employees Healthcare Wing, that we are running a workplace that is safe, germ-proof, and cares for the employees’ health. For the said tasks, DPD also allocated an allowance of $[amount] for the expense of medical certification. It is discouraging to know that the certificate you submitted is fake.

It can be concluded from the statements that you used the allocated allowance for personal causes and not for the company’s requirements. Misusing a company’s allowance also comes under the litigation of the Employment and Labor Law of the Federation. Moreover, the punishment for submitting forged certificates or any kind of official document that has the potential to scam thus comes under the litigation of fraud.

You are required to go through the medical process again and submit the original medical certificate. Moreover, it is warned that any such activity at your end shall cause direct termination of your employment and cancellation of rights for any funds and gratuity.

Submit your response letter to the office of the General Manager of Human Resources.

Thank you.


Re. Letter of Warning (LoW) on Submission of Fake Medical Certificate for the Sake of Fifteen Days’ Medical Leave from the Office on [DATE]

Mr. [NAME],

It is despising to notice that you have submitted a fake medical report and certification by the doctor to avail of fifteen days’ leave from work. It is a highly condemnable act and I discourage the use of forgery and fake documentation to support yourself. The company appoints employees to a certain set of rules and also expects them to comply with them. The ones who do not comply with the company’s code of conduct are terminated immediately.

You have been part of our firm and always proved yourself to be a wonderful employee. Looking at your previous record and good performance, you are not terminated but rather warned to abstain from using such tactics. It is also against the Federal Law of Company Employment and Labor Rules 2018. Moreover, it is a social, moral, and legal evil to present forged documents.

I am expecting you to write a letter of explanation on why you needed fifteen days’ leave that instigated you to produce forged documents. Submit your explanation letter to the Assistant Manager of Human Resources within three days. A single repetition of such an act will result in direct termination. Thanks.

Warning Letter for Fake Medical Certificate

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