Beginner Runner Workout Log

Someone said it so correctly, “your body can endure almost anything, and it’s your brain you need to convince”

It is quite natural that at a beginner level, your mind and body are not used to extensive workout routines and cannot cope with elevated heart rates and calorie burn. So, it is always advised that should keep your pace very slow in the beginning at gradually take it to the next level.

Out of all the types of workouts, the best and most recommended for beginners are running and walking. It is recommended that you start with walking only and increase the intensity and duration every day.

This technique is also effective especially if you are aiming to lose weight because the periods of plateau do come in a weight loss journey and changing the intensity, duration, or workout routine is the only way to cope besides being consistent.

Beginner guide

The first three miles of the beginner is very important and a simple manual if described well can be very helpful for them to follow. With the passage of time, you get more insight into your body and its responses to the workout routine.

Before beginning any workout, you need to warm your body up and you can do this by brisk walking for about 5 minutes. Similarly, after you have finished your workout you need to calm your body down and bring your heart rate to a lower and normal level. This process helps your body in gaining its normal physiology back.

Moreover, a beginner must work out every alternative day of the week.

First week

This beginner’s guide is mainly focused on the walk-and-run alternative method which is not ideal at a very beginner level, but you can still start it after a week or two of just walking or just jogging.

Anyways, in the first week of the workout, you have to run for a total of 20 minutes and alternate running and walking for one minute each. Do that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Second week

Increase 5 minutes of the same workout on Monday and on the next two days you add another 5 minutes of alternate running and walking.

Another difference is that you have to alternate both workouts for two minutes.

3rd week

Do this workout for 30 minutes and alternating time increase to 3 minutes this time.

4th and 5th week

Your target now is to cover 2.5 miles with 3 and 4 repetitions of it respectively. Your body must have gained enough stamina for this workout.

Week 6

The target has increased to 3.25 miles now with alternating jogging for ¾ of a mile and ¼ mile for walking with three cycles.

Week 7

A total of 3.75 miles with 1 mile of jogging and ¼ of walking and repeating it 4 times on Monday.

8th week

This is the last week and you run and walk for around 3 miles with the same alternating routine and 2 cycles.

Beginner runner workout log

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