Grievance Letter to Doctor for Wrongful Termination

The grievance letter to the doctor for wrongful termination is written when a person working in the hospital is terminated wrongfully. If you work in a particular department of the hospital such as urology, as a nurse or a receptionist and you have been terminated from your job without mentioning the actual reason behind it, you can contact the doctor who is also working ahead of the department to get justice for that wrongful termination.

What is the purpose of this letter?

People usually write grievance letters upon wrongful termination because they want to get the compensation of this decision of the organization taken hastily. In some cases, people want to reverse the decision of termination.

Losing a job is never a pleasant feeling especially when you are not expecting it. If you think that you have been terminated from your job unlawfully and you did not deserve this kind of thing, you can communicate your grievance with the doctor who can take necessary actions to look into the matter and come to the conclusion as to who is at fault.


In this letter, you should tell the doctor that how the termination took place and why you think that it is unlawful. If you think that the termination has violated the terms of the contract that the hospital has signed with you, mention it in the letter. Also mention if you have the potential to sue the hospital for this act.

Sample letter

Subject:  Grievance to doctor for wrongful termination

Respected Dr.  ABC,

I am writing this letter to complain about my wrongful termination on 20th October 20XX. According to my employment contract, I have to receive the notice two weeks before my termination. However, I did not receive any notice from the hospital before I was terminated. I am attaching my employment contract with this letter.

On 20th October, I was asked to visit the office of the supervisor. When I entered the room, I was handed the immediate termination letter from the supervisor.

I have been working in the same hospital for more than 5 years. In these 5 years, I never got any negative reviews about my work performance. I never had any unpleasant incident at the workplace with any of my colleagues and patients. I am shocked to learn that I have been terminated from my job without even letting me know the reason.

I am stating here that this sudden termination of mine has constituted an infraction of my employment contract with the hospital which is completely unlawful and also does not comply with the policies of the hospital. I would like to ask you respectfully to write a reply to my grievance letter. I will be left with no option but to take legal action if you don’t take any action against this kind of infraction. You can contact me any time for any further information.

With regards,

Name of the employee



Grievance Letter to Doctor for Wrongful Termination

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