Annual Physical Examination Forms

A yearly physical examination form is a document that is used for conducting the clinical or medical examination of a person. The medical professionals are given the task of investigating the physical health of the patient.

The purpose of this investigation is to check if there is any sign of a disease. It is an annual test that is primarily conducted to see if the employee working in the organization is carrying a disease that can spread to others or contaminate the environment. This test is conducted for everyone, whoever is working in the organization.

You are not required to feel sick or see a symptom of any type of illness to get yourself tested through a physical examination. Organizations that believe in conducting a thorough physical examination of the employee should use a yearly physical examination form. This form is very useful to use, as it simplifies the process of investigation.

Annual Physical Examination Form
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Annual Physical Examination Form
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Annual Physical Examination Form (Detailed)
Sample #3: Detailed format
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Who needs the form?

A physical examination form is being widely accepted for use in many organizations. There are different situations in which the use of this form becomes crucial.

  1. All those organizations where the patient’s physical health is given much importance will need this form.
  2. The doctors who are assigned the task of examining the person also need this form.
  3. Sometimes, nurses and other people can also examine with the help of this form.
  4. Governments in many countries are also trying to put the use of this form into practice by encouraging different institutes to include it in employee contracts.

Who can issue the form?

As mentioned earlier, the physical examination form is used as a standard in many organizations and should be of high quality. This form should be prepared in such a way that it includes all those details that are required to be known for a better physical examination.

It should be noted that the form should be issued by professionals who know better what to include in the form. The professionals will create the form more professionally and add all the necessary details. Moreover, people who want to use this form should know who to ask to issue the form.

How do I prepare the form?

If you want to use a physical examination form that follows the needs and requirements of your company, you can create your form. Moreover, if you know the exact format and structure, you can create it without help from a hospital or a doctor.

Before you start preparing this form, you should know that it should include all those details that can collect the most information about the person under examination. The information should be relevant and useful. The main details to be included are:

  1. Name and contact details of the doctor conducting the examination
  2. Name and contact details of the person under examination
  3. list of symptoms that can indicate that the person is ill
  4. Recent medical test results
  5. The details about the medical surgery that the person ever had in his life
  6. Some additional questions to get better information

Annual physical examination form for employment

An annual examination form is also conducted in employment. The main purpose of using this form is to ensure that the person under examination is in good health. With the help of this form, strong communication is built between the doctor and the employee.

Through this form, the organization collects details about the cholesterol level of the employee, sugar level, blood pressure, and many other general details. 

With the help of this form, the organization can identify different types of concerns related to the employee’s health. The employee can be advised about maintaining good health using a healthy diet.

Annual physical examination form for MS Word

The annual examination form is usually prepared in MS Word format. There is no need to calculate, so MS Word is more appropriate. MS Word makes it easier for the user to format the details in the form, and he can also structure the form in the way he wants.

MS Word is considered the most suitable software to be used when it comes to preparing the form.

The templates

The templates given here include details such as medication details, details about disease prevention, risk factors for getting a disease, details about maintaining health, and a lot more. The template also has a separate section in which the doctor can write some special notes, such as recommendations for the person under examination.

The best thing about the template is that it can be saved for offline editing. The template provides the user with maximum ease, with which the user can personalize it according to his needs.

Annual Physical Examination Form for Athletes
Annual Physical Examination Form for Athletes


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