Blood Glucose Record worksheet

Sugar is one of the essential forms of energy for the human to carry out different functions at the cellular level. The normal amount of sugar levels are almost 4 grams in a 70kg man. Levels increasing or decreasing from these numbers start manifesting in the form of symptoms. Especially in chronic cases of high blood glucose levels.

Blood glucose levels or concentration is constantly regulated by the insulin present in our pancreas. This hormone keeps the concentration of glucose in blood at an acceptable range that is safe for all the organs at micro and macro levels.

Normal Blood Glucose levels

The insulin in our body works in a rhythmical manner and regulates the concentration of glucose in the same way. This is the reason why normal ranges of blood glucose concentrations are different at different times of the day.


They even differ in different age groups for the same reason and are constantly changing throughout the day.

Blood glucose concentrations in a normal adult human

In a normal and non-diabetic adult, following are the normal ranges of blood glucose levels.

  1. Fasting glucose level is normal between 4 mmol/L and 5.9 mmol/L
  2. Two hours post meal levels are considered normal if they are between 6.0 to 8 mmol/L
  3. Random glucose levels tested at any time of the day are 4 to 9 mmol/L

Blood glucose levels in children

Normal levels of blood glucose concentration are different in children as compared to adults. We have to take care of their levels especially in case of newly born children and more especially new born of diabetic mothers.

Any ways the normal values are as under;

  1. Fasting levels are normal between 4 and 7
  2. Just before meals it is again 4 to 7 mmol/L
  3. Post meals levels are normal if they are between 5 and 9 mmol/L

Importance of keeping the blood glucose testing record

After knowing the main reason behind the different levels of blood glucose levels at different time of the day, one can easily understand why we want to keep a record of blood glucose concentrations.

If a random blood sample of a person shows deranged values from the normal values at that time, he needs to be followed up for a couple of days to confirm if he is a borderline case of diabetes mellitus or a confirmed one.

Blood glucose level record is also kept if a known diabetic person is on some anti-diabetic therapy and his doctor needs to know if the certain drug is successful in bringing and maintaining the normal levels of blood glucose.

Description of blood glucose testing record

This is quite simple, in the first column of the chart you have to fill in the date when sugar levels are to be tested and then in front of the blood drop sign, mention the levels under that time of the day and if someone is on insulin, mention the units in front of the injection sign. Fill the form in the similar way for the rest of day and days.


Blood glucose record worksheet

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