School Immunization Record Sheet

Our planet Earth and its people have suffered a lot at the hands of some deadly infectious diseases. There was a time when cholera was fatal and considered a curse by nature. Similarly, the plague once wiped off one-third of the world’s population at one point in its history.

We have records of dangerously high mortality and morbidity among infants and mothers during early childhood and childbirth. Countless stories break the heart to know that infections took a real toll on mankind for a very long time.

Post-immunization revolution in health

Since the end of the 18th century, human health has been revolutionized. Thanks to the discovery of the concept of immunization. Now, we have plenty of vaccinations for deadly and serious infectious diseases. This immunization is mainly focused on the small age group, from the age of zero days up until 5 years, and then some vaccinations for up to 15 years of age.

So, the idea is that we plan to kill and prevent the disease and its sources before they turn their heads. In simple words, children are vaccinated before they are exposed to infectious agents.

Immunization programs in the school

Almost all the countries in the world have their immunization programs running to eradicate communicable diseases that prove fatal to child health and overall human health. These immunization programs are most effectively held in schools, where it is easy to approach the target population for immunization and the prevention of diseases.

School Immunization Record Sheet

The Sheet Template

School immunization record sheet

A school immunization record sheet is a record sheet that ensures that the child enrolled in that particular school has been completely immunized against the infectious diseases that are more prevalent in that area or country.

This record sheet has multiple ways of utilization, both in school and in life after that. So, a school immunization sheet that is put into the record of each child begins with the name of the child and his identification. It also includes the names of the parents and school enrollment numbers.

Some schools like to know the place of birth or home country as well because it gives a lot of information about the prevalent infectious diseases in that country. We must agree to the fact that immunization programs for each country are different and to have a certification, one must have the immunization record sheet of the country he is currently living in.

Next is the name of the diseases and the vaccinations against them. If the child is vaccinated against that disease, we mark that column as checked. Right in front of that checkmark, we must add the age at which the child got this vaccination.

For example, the vaccination against tuberculosis is called BCG, and it is given at birth or within 2 weeks of birth. We need to mention all the details on the sheet, which was signed by the doctor, for verification.

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