Child Medication Logs

When it comes to children’s medication, one thing must be kept in mind their dose and frequency matter a lot. Children are born with a very delicate body and their immune system is just developing. Their kidneys and liver are not capable of detoxifying heavy doses of chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

That is why doctors always stress being very careful while prescribing and administering medicines to children. When their liver and kidneys can’t cope with the high doses, adverse effects appear which are sometimes hard to reverse.

It is the job of the doctor to make sure he is prescribing the right dose and pharmacists to dispense it carefully. Most importantly, the nursing care who administers the drug, or the parents for that matter must be very careful in the administration of drugs in children.

Since nurses are trained to work under stress and they know how to administer the drug to children and in what quantity over time, it is the parents who need proper guidance and help regarding the children’s medication.

Why should we keep a medication record????

  1. A very simple solution to avoid any misunderstanding and mishaps is to keep a log of the child’s medication. Always keep wallet-sized or big-sized or both kinds of logs and regularly update when a new medicine is prescribed.
  2. These kinds of logs are particularly helpful if your child is on some long-term therapy. It really helps parents to keep a record of the dose accurately.
  3. Keeping a child’s medication is also helpful in being regular. You can never miss a dose with the help of a tracker and it almost never happens that you give medicine twice.
  4. A regular record of medicine tells which medicine is showing a positive effect on the baby and which medicine has no use no matter how long we give them.
  5. If your child is allergic to any drug, you can very easily identify the right drug and intensity of allergy to the drug. This helps in maintaining a record of all the substances your baby is allergic to.
  6. All this information is used as a reference for the future whenever a baby comes to the hospital. This is the reason why doctors are so concerned with the past history of drugs and medication.

Child’ Medication Log

A child’s medication log is really easy to understand. You can keep this record at home and update it whenever required. Produce the log if your pediatrician demands it.

  • First things first, the name of the child at the top of the log along with his age and gender.
  • Mention the name of the medicine generic as well as the trade name which is being prescribed by the doctor.
  • After mentioning the prescribed frequency and dose, write the date and time at which the medication started. It is important.
  • The doctor, pharmacist, and nurse involved in the whole process have to write their names too.
  • Don’t forget to write any allergic reactions your baby showed after medication.

You must enter the doctor’s contact number and poison control number in case of emergency.

Child medication log template

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