Pregnancy Work Restriction Letters

Women that want to get a leave from the job due to their pregnancy are required to provide pregnancy work restriction letter.

Why write the work restriction letter?

There are different accommodations that pregnant ladies should be provided at work. It is important for a pregnant lady to submit the restriction letter at the workplace. If a restriction letter is not written properly, it can ruin the job of the lady. The letter is written to get all the accommodations.

Tips for writing the restriction letter:

It is important for you to ask the doctor to write a work restriction letter only if you are sure about your pregnancy. The doctor should request for all those things which a pregnant lady should get in the workplace.

It should be ensured that the letter does not ask for any such accommodation which is not realistic or not possible for the employer to provide. If there is any additional accommodation, the doctor should ensure that it is relevant to the job of the pregnant lady.

The letter should be able to describe that the pregnant lady is able to perform all the job duties which she is required to do. If you are working in a company and you are pregnant, you should learn about all your rights.

It is the duty of the employer to provide you with all the accommodations just like he provides accommodations to those employees who get temporary disabilities.

What should be included in the letter?

The restriction letter should state that the pregnant lady is not allowed to work in overtime from the fifth month of pregnancy. The woman should also not be employed for night shifts.

It should be stated in the letter that if the employer does not accept these accommodations for her pregnant employee, the employee can file a complaint against the employer as he is exploiting her basic rights at the workplace.

Who is eligible for pregnancy restriction letter?

All pregnant ladies who are working in an organization and are at the 5th month of pregnancy.

Sample Letters


Pregnancy Work Restriction LetterThis letter is to confirm you that Mrs. [NAME] who is my patient & your employee is 25 weeks along with her pregnancy what must be in your knowledge. This is the stage that she needs to take the best care of her in every regard especially in concern with the physical & mental pressure as both the states can lead to catastrophic effects including preterm labor & many other complications related to the baby. So, it is advised that kindly do provide her with some relaxation in working hours so that she can keep up with a healthy pregnancy till the end.


Pregnancy Work Restriction LetterThis is to certify that Miss [NAME] is my patient & I have been dealing with her case since the very start of her pregnancy. This is her 15th week into the new phase of her life & it is highly recommended that she must be provided with some relaxation at her workplace. She feels nauseated or sleepy and she must get some free time for that.

Since these are the most normal phenomenon that pregnancy brings in its beautiful but bony arms. She must be spared to get herself some food as many times as she craves for it as the baby needs food every now & then to grow properly inside the womb. The company must offer some flexibility to the mom-to-be who is going to bring the form of god in this sinned world.

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