Doctor Notes for the Flu

When is a doctor note for the flu needed?

Although flu is not considered a very serious illness, it can significantly deteriorate the performance of the employee at work. It is the right of the employee to get sick leave if he gets flu. The company should allow the employee to remain absent from the work until he recovers from flu. For confirmation, the doctor notes for flu can be demanded by the company.

What is a doctor note for flu?

A doctor’s note for the flue is required when you have spent a significant amount of time away from the work because of your illness. The main purpose of the company to ask for the doctor’s note when the employee is absent from the job due to flu is to prevent him from taking the days off when he is not actually ill.

Some companies have a policy for the employees to provide a note from the doctor when they want to take more than seven days off. However, these policies vary from person to person.

If you have a doubt about whether your company will ask you to provide the doctor’s note or not, you can ask the doctor to make a written note beforehand. It should be kept in mind that the doctor is not allowed to disclose anything about your illness without your consent.

So, you will have to give a permission to do that. The doctor can write about the length of absence and some other special accommodations the company is required to provide after returning to work.

If you need a sick leave urgently and you don’t have time to visit the doctor, you can download the template for doctor notes for the flu. This readymade template is completely professional looking. This template is available here in MS word format in the customizable form.

You can edit the details in it to make it suitable to be used by you. Make sure that you print it on a letterhead of a doctor so that it looks completely valid and real.

Sample Notes


Doctor Note for the FluDear Mr. [NAME], the patient named [name of the patient], was brought to my clinic two days ago in a cold caught condition examining him thoroughly, we came to know that it was not cold but a worse kind of flu that the patient was suffering from. Since the infection had gotten severe, it was contagious as well. So, the patient is required to stay at home for complete three days. It would be best for him & for others not to come in contact physically without wearing a safety mask at least for one week even after the infection is cured. Thank you!


Doctor Note for the FluThis is to write to you that on July 19, 2018, the patient [name of the patient] was admitted to the hospital because of having constant flu with all its demerits. After getting done with a complete checkup by our panel, the patient was advised to get professional attention as the influenza was in a bad condition. That is why we must admit him for a whole week to keep him under intense care to make his recovery soon & swift.

He won’t be able to be back to his work until his sound recovery. Hopefully, you can let him get his treatment & will welcome him warmly after he returns to his work. If you have any query or confusion in this regard, feel free to contact our information desk anytime.

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