Hospital Declaration Form Template

Hospitals have to obtain consent from patients before giving them the necessary treatment, as it is illegal for a medical practitioner to carry out any medical practice on the patient without obtaining permission from him, no matter how essential the treatment is. Even if the patient is not conscious, consent is still needed from the family.

Taking consent should never be taken for granted because it is a legal matter that can lead to many complications afterward.

What is a hospital declaration form?

This is a form that serves as a legal tool because it is signed by the patient who is seeking treatment. Certain medical procedures involve a bit of risk. It is not safe for healthcare practitioners to start such procedures unless the patient is mentally ready for them. Verbal consent is not enough, and therefore, a form should be used. Bringing everything in writing ensures that the hospital has saved its position.

When should I use the hospital consent form?

The right time to use this form is when the patient visits the hospital intending to get surgical or nonsurgical treatment that involves any type of risk. It is recommended that doctors and other medical staff use this form prior to starting the medical treatment and get it filled out and signed by the patient.

What is the purpose of using the hospital declaration form?

The basic objective behind using this form is to make sure that the patient’s consent is 100% involved in the process and that nothing is being done forcefully. Many patients start a dispute with the hospital on some financial and other matters after the treatment. To win the argument, they often claim to have not permitted it before the treatment started. The primary healthcare physician for the patient is blamed for this, and therefore, protection is a must. This form protects the doctor and the reputation of the hospital.

What is included in this form?

The declaration form asks the patient to provide some of his basic details, including name, gender, date of birth, contact details, etc. In addition, the patient is asked about his travel history for the last two weeks. A list of symptoms is sometimes included, and the visitor is asked to tell which of the symptoms on the list he is experiencing.

In the end, there is a declaration statement in which the patient agrees that the medical facility is giving him the treatment to treat him based on his willingness and that the information that he has provided in the form is correct; if there is any incorrect information, the hospital will not be responsible.

At the end, there is some space allocated to the signature of the person. As soon as a patient signs the form, it becomes a legal document, and then it can be used in court to resolve any sort of matter related to this treatment.

Using a ready-made form:

There are various sources from which a ready-made form can be obtained. The electronic form can be filed online, and then e-signatures can complete it and make it ready to submit. However, if you want to download it and convert it into a hard copy, you can simply print it and then fill it out by hand.

A template is a great tool to use as it allows people to change the questions of the form to make it most suitable for meeting the needs of the hospital. The form is designed in such a way that it can easily match the requirements of the standard procedures that a hospital is expected to follow. The patient declaration form can be uploaded on the server or to the main database of the hospital and then it can be accessed as and when it is required.

Doctors who are busy in their routine practice and do not find any time to create this form can easily use the template and make it workable for them after a little customization. It is helpful for those people who have no prior experience of creating a form and they are afraid that they might make a mistake.

Hospital declaration form template

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