Patient Registration Confirmation Letter


Hello Max, I hope this letter finds you well. I am sending this text to confirm the registration of our patient [name of the patient], who is our regular visitor and keeps a family membership for the hospital lab. The credentials mentioned in the email are correct and do not need any alterations. However, I would recommend you double-check the registration details with HR, who has the complete file for the patient.

The hospital database keeps the history and test reports in the name of the patient’s father, which must be revisited and converted to the patient’s name. Feel free to text back if you need more information regarding this matter. Thanks, and happy work!


Hello, please confirm the registration of [name of the patient] in the hospital database and confirm with me by sending back a text. The patient’s credentials are as follows:

  • Name: Name of the patient
  • Age: XX
  • Sex: M/F
  • Address: [Patient’s address]
  • Contact: Patient’s email ID
  • Phone: [Patient’s phone number]
  • NIC: [Patient’s NIC]
  • Registration Number: [Mention the RN]
  • Date of Registration: [DD/MMYY]

If there is any other information required, let me know before [date] as I have the patient’s file and can share more details required for the purpose. Moreover, I request you to register the patient as soon as possible as their case is eligible for urgent registration according to the Registration policy of the Hospital (Updated 2022). Thank you.


Good Afternoon!

This letter is on behalf of the HR Manager who confirms the registration of Ms. [Name] for the hospital membership. This membership allows the patients to get an earlier appointment, sample collections, and test reports. The patient details have been shared in an attachment through email along with scanned copies of the patient’s ID card, postal address, and others.

If you need any further information call me at [phone number]. I would really appreciate it if you please be kind enough to acknowledge this message of confirmation of registration. Thank you.

HR Complex

[Hospital’s Name]


Dear [Name], it is informed to you that you have been registered to the [Name of the hospital]. This registration will allow you to get hospital services and all the required healthcare benefits under your insurance ID. Moreover, the registration will help keep a record of your health and medical history. This will generate automated health patterns and medical implications based on previous examinations and treatment.

Please note that the registration does not bear the expenses of membership and other such facilities. Registration is solely based on your visit to the hospital. Be informed that your details have been added to the hospital database and any of your previous medical implications and records can be accessed anytime needed.

The registration also allows you to have free-of-cost test examinations for grade 2. To understand more about grading and your registration, please visit our website [] or call us at [phone number]. If you require any changes in the registration, send a detailed email to the Assistant General Manager at [email address]. Thank you for using our services.

Note: This is a no-reply message, hence, does not need a response.

Patient registration confirmation letter


I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been successfully registered as you have completed the online registration form. We have received your submission and will assess it accordingly.

You are advised to contact the practice directly for information concerning the amenities and facilities that are provided and to reserve any medical actions as needed. Conversely, if you encounter any problems concerning your record-keeping with the practice, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We struggle to deliver our patients with the best healthcare understanding and practice. To help lessen the time that it will take you to catalog when you visit the hospital, it is requested that you do not forget to bring your indemnification cards to your appointment. Thank you!

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