Cream Application Tracker Template

Some of us might be surprised to find out that our skin is the largest organ of the human body. Yes, you heard it right. I know you might be thinking of its the liver or maybe some other internal organ. But the fact is that skin covers the largest surface area and hence the largest organ of the body. Naturally, the medications which are used for the skin have a vast variety and route of administration. But here, we will discuss the topically applied medications that we most commonly call creams or ointments.

Another Concept that immediately needs to be cleared here is that topical creams and ointments are not just for dermatological purposes. Many of these ointments are used for the underlying diseases as well as purposes.

For example, for local anesthesia, we need local anesthetics in the form of liquids and ointments. This is especially important for local daycare procedures. A very basic example of this is an ear or nose piercing. Lignocaine gel is a very famous example. We also give it to the patients of the anal fissure to relieve some pain caused by the fissure. Similarly, local anti-inflammatory and painkiller drugs are used for the relief of pain.

A very famous example is Dicloran in the form of a gel. It is a very good ointment for a patient who needs to take NSAIDs on a regular basis and is extremely concerned about his stomach irritation.

Why do we need a cream application tracker?

Well, long story short, the local creams are prescribed and used by people all around the world and it will be necessary to keep a tracker of the cream application. It is equal to medication like any other oral or intravenous drug. So, it’s equally important to keep a tracker for its administration.

Another important reason behind keeping track of the topical ointments is that local creams and ointments take a little longer especially if it is applied on the skin appendages like nails. This means that the patient needs to apply it for weeks and months keeping patience. But it also raises and tests the compliance of the patient. In such situations, the cream application tracker serves as the most important tool to ensure compliance as well as track the progress of the disease.

What is inside a cream application tracker?

Well, it is not very different from other medication trackers. One has to mention the name, age, gender, and diagnosis of the patient on each and every form regardless of its kind. Similarly, the name of the cream which is going to be applied for whatever reason is also important. Ideally, one has to mention the generic name of the drug. After this, the concentration and added substances in the ointment are also mentioned.

Next is the frequency of the cream application that we enter and mark every time the drug is applied locally. This way, we get to know a lot about drug administration.

Cream Application Tracker Template for Word

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