Request Letter for Urgent Surgery due to Complications

Usually, people are afraid of the surgery, and some are afraid of the complications that arise afterward. Sometimes, people have so many complications with their health that they are left with no option but surgical treatment. If your doctor has prescribed that there is only one treatment option that is surgery and you come to know that you need to get it done quite early. So, you will write a letter to the doctor and ask for urgent surgery. In some situations, doctors also write this request letter on behalf of the patient.

Give your introduction:

As soon as you begin writing this request letter, give your introduction. Requesting early surgery is something critical and readers don’t entertain every request. So, you should give your introduction and reference to the doctor’s advice that he gave regarding the surgery. If you are a doctor, it would be easier for you to get the approval of the request. The surgeon must know about you, your area of practice, the hospital where you work, and much more.

Discuss the complications:

Since you are requesting an urgent surgery, you should make the surgeon believe that there are complications that require urgent surgery.

Make a request:

At the end of the letter, make a request to the surgeon that you are writing a request for consideration.

Read some sample letters for help.


I am _______ (mention your name) from New York. I visited you last week for a lump in my breast on the recommendation of Dr. XYZ. After thorough testing and screening, you told me that a small surgery will be carried out to remove that lump. You gave me an appointment for next month.

I am writing to make a formal request to you to carry out my surgery on an urgent basis as I have to relocate to another city next month and it would not be possible for me to get the surgery there since I don’t trust anyone except you. Furthermore, I am tight on my budget due to which, I would not be able to return once I have relocated. So, it is my humble request to you to conduct my surgery urgently.

I know you are a very busy person and you have so many commitments to fulfill. However, I believe that you understand my situation. I am looking forward to the approval of my request. I appreciate your quick response.


Subject: A request for urgent surgery of/for [SUBJECT]

Respected Dr. ABC,

I am Dr. XYZ from ________ (mention the name of the hospital). I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing a request letter to ask you to carry out the surgery on my patient on an urgent basis. He has an impacted wisdom tooth and according to my knowledge, he needs it to get extracted surgically.

I recommended my patient to you for surgical tooth extraction, and he has booked an appointment with you. However, he is going through pain and cannot wait for so long to get the impacted tooth extracted. I know your schedule and it may not be possible for you to serve patients without an appointment. However, patients who are in trouble often need quick attention.

It is my request to please perform his tooth extraction as and when you can anytime soon. 

I expect that you will approve this request and respond to this letter. For your assistance, I am attaching the medical history details of the patient with you. To know more about this case please write to me at [EMAIL]/WhatsApp. A quick and positive response from you will be encouraged.

Request Letter for Urgent Surgery due to Complications

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